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September 8, 2022

Is Yoga Really Good For Your Health?

As an exercise practice, yoga’s impact on health is met with a decent amount of skepticism. However, maintaining a regular yoga routine can provide you with physical and mental health benefits. Read about how yoga can be added to your routine to help you stay healthy, and the various benefits it brings toward improving your overall health and wellness. Engaging in yoga will help you focus on your body’s natural tendency toward self-healing, a less-intensive way for you to stay healthy and fit.

How does yoga compare with other forms of exercise?

Keeping your body active and moving during the day is a great way to build our overall health and wellness. Depending on your comfortability with exercise, long runs or workout equipment can sometimes be a burden. But taking small steps toward physical activity, like yoga, can count as staying active. But remember, there are a variety of yoga styles– from restorative to vinyasa. Each type of yoga requires a different amount of physical effort. 

So, some studies show that some forms of yoga don't improve fitness as much as other forms of exercise, but this just depends on what class you pick. Regardless, taking a yoga class that mainly focuses on relaxation is still good for your body, especially your mind.

Does yoga really reduce stress and anxiety?

Yes, it’s true that yoga may help reduce stress and anxiety. Practicing yoga can amplify your overall mood and well-being. Self-care can take multiple different forms, including maintaining a yoga routine. Knowing how to calm down your nervous system is vital for reducing stress and anxiety.

Can I use yoga as a form of physical therapy?

In addition to being a form of exercise, studies have started seeing the value in incorporating yoga into physical therapy routines. Sports injuries are common for young adults, and stretching out your joints and muscles can benefit your recovery period. However, not all injuries are the same and therefore can require different types of care.

If you’re suffering from a sports injury, you may require urgent care. Sometimes, less-severe injuries can be treated with at-home practices, like yoga, but other times it’s important to consult with a medical provider about the right care for your situation. For questions about sports injuries, or other health and wellness tips, visit AFC Urgent Care North Bergen today.

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