What are the Health Benefits of a Dry January?

January 18, 2021

" A month of alcohol abstinence may seem like a very insignificant amount of time to show noticeable results, but the results will shock you. A month of alcohol fasting can work unimaginable benefits for your health, most of which you never even deemed would be possible in life. Doctors with AFC Urgent Care Malden can provide you with all of the health benefits of participating in dry January, and all of the conditions we can ...

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Tips to Avoid COVID in 2021

January 11, 2021

" Before 2020, New Year’s Resolutions were all about quitting alcohol, achieving more goals, and expanding one’s business. This January in 2021, most New Year resolutions revolve around staying safe from COVID and protecting one’s health. If you think you may have been exposed to someone with COVID or are experiencing symptoms, visit AFC Urgent Care Malden. We offer rapid and PCR tests to all patients.  Differences between 2020 and 2021 2020 is ...

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