How to Avoid Heat Exhaustion This Summer

May 27, 2021

" Heatstroke, or heat exhaustion, happens when someone is exposed to high temperatures for too long. When the body’s internal temperature reaches 104 degrees Fahrenheit, they may begin to experience symptoms. Heatstroke is a severe illness and requires medical attention when it happens. Thankfully, it can be easily prevented and predicted. AFC Urgent Care Malden wants you to be safe this summer. Learn more about heatstroke and visit us for any urgent needs that are ...

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Long-term Effects of Smoking

May 12, 2021

" Smoking cigarettes is a bad habit for people all around the world. It’s no secret that smoking is bad for you, but many cigarette smokers don’t realize just how bad it can be in the long term. The more than 600 chemicals in cigarettes turn into over 7,000 chemicals when they’re burned! Those chemicals are breathed directly into your lungs and immediately start affecting your nervous, cardiovascular, and respiratory systems. With ...

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