Is it Allergies or a Cold?

April 9, 2014

" In the early spring months, both colds and allergies can be very prominent which can make it difficult to determine which you may be experiencing. Allergy symptoms are the cause of an immune system over-reaction while a cold is the result of a virus. We want to help you and give you some characteristics of each to figure out which you are experiencing. A cold typically lasts anywhere from three to fourteen days. Allergies last ...

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Spring Sports Injuries

April 2, 2014

" It is officially spring sport season! We wanted to offer some advice to avoid spring sport injuries. 1) Sport Physical: Many organizations and schools require this, but in the off chance they do not, it is still a smart idea to receive a physical to ensure the child is able to participate. 2) Warm up: If you have not been physically active prior to starting a sport, it is a good idea to warm up ...

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