Dehydration Symptoms & Treatment

June 27, 2014

" With the hot weather finally here for summer, it is important that you are of what dehydration is, symptoms of dehydration and how it can be treated. Dehydration is when your body has lost or is losing fluids faster than it is taking in fluids. Every time we sweat, breathe or urinate we are losing fluids – and if we are not replacing what we are losing, we will become dehydrated. Symptoms of dehydration include; Increased ...

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Fish Hook Removal & Treatment

June 9, 2014

" Fishing is a popular summer activity and many times, accidents happen and someone will get a fish hook stuck in their finger or other extremity. More often than not, these injuries are minor and can be treated without requiring an office visit. Depending on how deep the hook is lodged into your skin, all you have to do is take the proper steps in carefully removing it, and treating your wound afterwards. Thoroughly wash your ...

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