Urgent Care vs Emergency Room

February 27, 2014

" The newest AFC Urgent Care in Malden is classified as an urgent care center. We wanted to take a minute and explain how we are different from the ER. Urgent Care centers help fill a gap between Primary Care Physicians and Hospital Emergency Rooms. In the ER, wait times can be high, especially if your ailment is not life threatening. Inversely, making a last minute appointment with your doctor can be next to impossible. If ...

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Wait Times in Boston

February 6, 2014

Wait Times in Boston

" In a recent study conducted by physician search and consulting firm found that Boston has the highest average wait time until the next available doctors appointment. The study researched 15 major cities in the country and found that the average wait time for an appointment in Boston was 45 days.  The number was much higher when you broke it down into specialties such as Family Physicians, 66 days, Ob/gyn, 46 days, and Dermatology, 72 ...

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