Protect Yourself from Lyme Disease: Tips On How To Avoid Deer Tick Bites

May 3, 2023

  Summer is a time for outdoor activities, but it also comes with an abundance of bugs. One bug that should be on your radar is a deer tick. These little buggers are hard to see and can transmit Lyme disease before you even realize it. Lyme disease is a serious illness, and black-legged deer ticks are often hard to remove. AFC Urgent Care Malden is here to help protect you and your family from deer ...

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We Hate Deer Ticks, Too! How To Avoid Getting Lyme Disease

May 4, 2022

Summer is approaching and you know what that means? Bugs…and lots of them! Nothing makes our skin crawl more than the thought of bugs flying around or even “latching” onto us. One bug we have in mind are deer ticks because those little buggers are hard to see and not only do they latch onto you, but they can pass on Lyme disease before you even know it.  Lyme disease is no joke and ...

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