How to Help Your Kids with Seasonal Allergies

April 25, 2017

" Seasonal allergies affect a lot of people in the springtime. As soon as the trees begin to bloom, many people are met with sniffling noses, watery eyes and endless coughing, among other symptoms. It can be hard to deal with your own allergies, but when your kids get allergies, it’s especially tough. Here are some tips from AFC Urgent Care Malden to help your kids beat their seasonal allergies:   Keep it clean If your ...

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Your Month-By-Month Allergy Guide

April 7, 2017

" If you suffer from seasonal allergies, you know that the months when your allergen is most active in the air can be the most awful of the year. But allergies are unique to each individual, so a seasonal allergy sufferer can actually experience the worst symptoms any time of the year. Here’s a month-by-month guide to which allergens become prevalent when, so you can know when to visit AFC Urgent Care Malden for allergy ...

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