How to prevent allergy triggers in your home

March 19, 2019

" Allergy season is just around the corner as the cold weather begins to heats up and the snow from winter thaws out. During the spring, and continuing into summer, allergy triggers such as dust and pollen are more likely to spread. Preventing these triggers from building up in your household is a great way to reduce your likely hood of suffering seasonal allergies. So what are some of the immediate ways in which you can ...

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How to Prevent and Treat Your Child’s Sports Injuries

March 15, 2019

" Did you know that sports injuries are some of the most common reasons for medical visits among children in middle school and high school? The Centers for Disease Control estimate that nearly 3.2 million children each year are hospitalized from sports injuries annually. In addition, over 750,000 children between the ages of 12-17 are treated in an emergency room (ER) for sports and recreation-related injuries. So what should parents do to protect their ...

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Sports Injury Prevention Guide

March 14, 2019

" This spring, millions of students will participate in school sports across the country. Sports are a great way to get your child active and help maintain their overall health, but the risk of a potential injury still persist. The CDC estimates that injuries from school sports are the leading cause of emergency room visits among adolescents between the ages of 12 and 17. Sports injuries are common among students participating in youth athletics but should ...

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