Be Thankful for Your Health

November 23, 2015

" Turkey, pumpkin pie, loved ones and gratitude are hallmarks of the season. We sit around the table, poised to dive into tempting treats, and talk about our comfortable homes or new jobs or time spent with family. We are thankful. Being thankful means pausing to think about what is important in our lives, as well as why these things are important in our lives. As the words “I’m thankful for my health” cross your ...

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Six Things You Need to Fight the Office Flu

November 18, 2015

" If ever there were a time during the year that all workers dread, it has to be flu season. Sniffling coworkers, wheezing kids and running out of tissues or hand sanitizer can make the months of flu season extremely stressful, even if you’re one of the lucky ones who remains healthy. Every year, American businesses lose billions of dollars in sick days and lost productivity. Experts estimate the economy will lose about $20 billion ...

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November is American Diabetes Month

November 9, 2015

" Diabetes is one of the leading causes of death and disability in the United States. One out of every 11 Americans has diabetes, and 86 million more are pre-diabetic. The American Diabetes Association estimates that the United States spends about $245 million every year on health care for people with diabetes, and recent projections have determined that as many as one in every three adults will have diabetes by 2050 if nothing changes. Type 2 ...

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