Are Mesenteric Adenitis and Appendicitis the Same?

June 15, 2022

"It can be tough to tell the difference between mesenteric adenitis and appendicitis. Both conditions cause similar symptoms, but the latter is much more serious than the former. Read on to learn more about both from our AFC Urgent Care Ooltewah team! What Is Mesenteric Adenitis? Mesenteric adenitis refers to the swelling of the lymph nodes in the abdomen. It’s often caused by a viral or bacterial infection in the intestines, which then causes ...

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How Worried Should I Be If a Spider Bites Me?

June 2, 2022

To many, spiders are pretty darn scary. Even though these creepy-crawlers do a lot to maintain our beautiful spring lawns and gardens, they pack a punch and can bite when provoked. Thankfully, though, out of the 3,000 types of spiders in the United States, the majority of them won’t cause serious symptoms if they bite you. Read on to learn more from our AFC Urgent Care Ooltewah team! How Will I Know If ...

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