How Long Do Kidney Stones Last?

January 31, 2024

How Long Do Kidney Stones Last? Kidney stones, impacting nearly one in 10 Americans each year, present a common and often painful condition that requires essential knowledge for effective management. What is a Kidney Stone? Renal calculi, or kidney stones, are solid formations that originate in the kidneys. They develop when certain waste products struggle to dissolve properly in urine, leading to the creation of crystals due to an imbalance in waste and urine volume ...

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How Can I Reduce My Child’s Ear Infection Pain?

January 23, 2024

As Ooltewah, Tennessee, experiences winter, a subtle chill in the air adds a touch of coziness to the season. It’s the perfect time to explore the Biology Trails on White Oak Mountain, enjoy family activities at the Imagination Station, or savor a cup of coffee in the welcoming atmosphere of Oaks Coffee House. As you embark on winter adventures, make sure to equip your family with everything you need to stay healthy this season ...

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