Is There a Better Way for Me to Manage My Stress?

April 16, 2019

Do you feel as though stress is taking over your quality of life? It is time to put you back in control! Our team at AFC Urgent Care Ooltewah wants you to learn ways to better manage your stress so that you can improve your quality of life as soon as possible. Am I Suffering From Chronic Stress? While our bodies were designed to handle acute stress from time to time, our bodies were not ...

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Why Do I Need to Eat Healthy Food?

April 2, 2019

In life, we want to live as long and healthy as possible. Eating poorly is not going to lead you down the right path. As a result, our team at AFC Urgent Care Ooltewah wants you to know how you can start eating healthier on a daily basis. How Can I Start Changing My Eating Habits? No drastic changes are necessary. In fact, making small changes can have a big impact. You want to fill ...

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