Do I Need the Flu Shot if I Never Get Sick?

October 25, 2023

Being healthy is one of the greatest gifts in life. Taking care of your body and mind will pay off in a big way as your immune system and general wellness help you avoid illness and stay healthy. However, infections and other illnesses often have minds of their own and can’t entirely be prevented. Even if you are an otherwise healthy person, influenza can sneak up on you and cause you to become really ...

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Does COVID-19 Cause a Sore Throat or Is It Strep?

October 1, 2023

The dreaded sore throat can be one of the more frustrating symptoms of illness. While sometimes a simple drink of water can help ease the pain, other times it’s only the beginning of a frustrating infection that lingers for days. Unfortunately, a sore throat is a common symptom across many different illnesses, so it can be hard to diagnose yourself at home. Our AFC Urgent Care Ooltewah team is here to help! We can ...

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