Can Stress Cause Adverse Health Effects?

July 15, 2020

No matter how happy we may be in life overall, stress is something that we will always have to deal with at one point or another. Whether it is a quick stressor or a long-term one, our bodies will respond to stress with adverse side effects that can compound the issue at hand. Thankfully, knowing how stress can impact the body and how to handle it can go a long way in keeping you healthier ...

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How Can I Prevent Poison Ivy Rashes?

July 3, 2020

While poison ivy, oak and sumac are often associated with the depths of the forest, during the summer months, they can grow and spread nearly anywhere. While there is 15% of the population that is not allergic, for the majority of people, it is a real concern. Most poison ivy rashes are not serious, but they are seriously uncomfortable and can last for several days—meaning if you are able to, practicing prevention when you ...

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