How Worried Should I Be If a Spider Bites Me?

June 2, 2022
How Worried Should I Be If a Spider Bites Me?- AFC Urgent Care

To many, spiders are pretty darn scary. Even though these creepy-crawlers do a lot to maintain our beautiful spring lawns and gardens, they pack a punch and can bite when provoked.

Thankfully, though, out of the 3,000 types of spiders in the United States, the majority of them won’t cause serious symptoms if they bite you. Read on to learn more from our AFC Urgent Care Ooltewah team!

How Will I Know If I’ve Been Bitten By a Spider?

Most spider bites look like any other bite or sting—especially if you don’t feel pain when the initial bite happens. This means that there will often be skin redness, light swelling, pain around the area of the bite and itchiness.

If you saw or felt the spider bite you, don’t panic! Make sure the swelling is localized and consider the treatment options that we’ve listed below.

Ways to Treat Spider Bites at Home

  • Clean the bite area with warm water and soap.
  • Apply a cold, damp washcloth or an ice pack to the bite area.
  • Elevate the bite area.
  • Take an antihistamine (allergy medication) to ease itching and swelling.
  • Take an over-the-counter pain reliever for pain and swelling.

How Can I Tell If a Spider Bite Is Serious?

Black widow bites, brown recluse bites and hobo spider bites are the three types of spider bites that can cause serious medical complications. Although the symptoms that these bites cause aren’t quite the same, they can all result in serious health complications if not treated swiftly and effectively.

If you encounter any of the symptoms described below, seek emergency care ASAP!

Serious Spider Bite Symptoms

  • Difficulty breathing
  • Heart palpitations, a racing pulse or other heart problems
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Severe muscle pain, cramps, weakness or paralysis
  • Signs of infection, such as fever or yellow discharge from the bite area
  • Vision problems or severe headache

Our AFC Urgent Care Ooltewah team is here to help you! Stop by today to get the care you need for your non-emergency summer and spring ailments.

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