COVID-19 vs. Flu Symptoms

January 19, 2022

With flu season rapidly approaching and the COVID-19 pandemic still looming, it’s essential to recognize clear differences between the viruses. There are many similarities in their symptoms. The only way to be certain is by receiving a flu test and COVID test at AFC Lyndhurst. If you are not already vaccinated against both the flu and COVID, it’s imperative you receive both vaccines to help keep yourself and others safe. Visit AFC Urgent ...

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Travel Testing FAQ for Patients

January 19, 2022

As the holiday season approaches, many people may be planning to travel. Whether you are going domestically or internationally, it’s important to be aware of COVID testing for travel. Keep your loved ones safe this holiday by getting a COVID test before you travel at AFC Urgent Care Lyndhurst. Continue reading to get some of your frequently asked questions about COVID testing for travel answered. Do I Need a Test for International Travel? Regardless ...

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How Can I Improve My Indoor Air Quality?

November 30, 2021

Maintaining excellent indoor air quality is crucial to your health, comfort, and peace of mind. Your indoor air quality changes over time, and pollutants can accumulate in the air. Having a home with clean air circulating and uncompromised health is essential, which is a good reason to remedy your poor indoor air quality. What can you do to improve your indoor air quality and restore comfort to your space and make it inviting? Here’s ...

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How to Treat a Head Cold

November 9, 2021

Sometimes called the common cold, the head cold can disrupt your daily routine, even though it’s a mild form of illness in most instances. It tends to affect children more than adults, with more incidents of head colds in children than adults annually. It takes many kids out of school and adults away from work when it strikes. With the head cold, the affected individual will usually feel ill for several days, typically a ...

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Can the Common Cold Give you a Fever?

October 26, 2021

When you find yourself wrapped up in a blanket surrounded by tissues, a hot mug of tea, and nasal spray, you likely have the common cold. If a fever is added to the mix, could it still be a cold? Yes. While a fever is not a frequent symptom in adults for the common cold, a low-grade fever sometimes happens. Higher fevers may require a check for the flu. Cold Symptoms A cold is made ...

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Do Ear Infections Cause Headaches?

October 13, 2021

Does your child have a headache that they just cannot get rid of? If so, they may have an ear infection. As one of the multiple symptoms of an ear infection, headaches can indicate a need for further examination. Other symptoms accompanied by a headache help medical professionals to diagnose and treat ear infections in children. Headaches are not typical symptoms of ear infections in adults. AFC Urgent Care Lyndhurst can treat patients beginning at ...

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Scientific Tips on Healthy Aging

September 24, 2021

An aging body has changing requirements to stay in good health. Sudden pains, high blood pressure, heart disease – all of these can show up as a person gets older. But how do you prevent or fix these issues, especially when you’re aging? The good news is that it is possible to experience healthy aging, but you need to know a few key things. Here are a few scientific tips on healthy aging. AFC Urgent ...

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Helping Your Child Eat Healthily

September 10, 2021

If it feels like every meal is a battle to get your child to eat their veggies, you know just how difficult it is to get kids to eat healthily. And while it’s easy to throw in some chicken nuggets for lunch (again), it’s not the most nutritious diet for a growing child. Luckily, there are a few tricks you can try out that will help your child eat healthy foods without any ...

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What is a Back-to-School Physical?

August 25, 2021

Back-to-school is right around the corner. Most schools require some sort of physical exam in order for your child to begin classes, sports, and extra-curricular activities. If you haven’t brought your child to get a back-to-school physical before, there are a few things you should know. AFC Urgent Care Lyndhurst provides school and sports physicals to all children. You never need an appointment, and our providers can make proper recommendations based on your child ...

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How Contagious is the Delta Variant?

August 19, 2021

The Delta variant of COVID-19 is impacting communities throughout the world. Places that thought the virus was over for them are being affected by the variant. The CDC has found many trends consistent with the Delta variant that we will talk about here. First and foremost, it’s imperative to keep in mind is how contagious it is. AFC Urgent Care Lyndhurst providers COVID-19 testing for all patients. Visit our center today if you being ...

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