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Ear Cleanings

Ear Cleanings at AFC Urgent Care Lyndhurst

Ear Cleanings in Lyndhurst, NJ

Ear wax is a totally normal and natural substance created by our bodies. It's used as a defense to stop bacteria from harming our eardrums and ear canals. In some cases, however, too much earwax can be a bad thing. Ear cleanings help to remove excess ear wax and can also help with conditions such as Swimmer's Ear.

AFC Urgent Care Lyndhurst provides ear cleanings to any patient in need. If you find yourself suffering from symptoms of excess earwax, Swimmer's Ear, Tinnitus, or are generally feeling off balance, our center is there. We never require appointments for urgent care services, so you don't need to suffer from your symptoms for long.

Earwax Cleanings near Rutherford, NJ

There are certain situations in which you may want an ear cleaning. If you use cotton swabs regularly, you may be doing more harm than good. At AFC Lyndhurst, we can clean your ears correctly, so you don't risk the chance of complications. These may include dizziness, pain or discomfort, or the inability to hear properly.

Too much earwax can cause build-up, which can harden over time. This can also lead to ear infections and pain. If you're suffering from a persistent ringing after exposure to loud noises, you may be suffering from Tinnitus. It often goes away on its own, but if it doesn't, this can point to excess earwax.

If you notice your balance being off, your inner ear may have something to do with it. A blockage or wax build-up can, again, be the main issue. This is easily resolved in our urgent care center. Our providers can also make a recommendation to you if they believe the problem is more severe than just wax build-up.

Receive an Ear Cleaning at AFC Lyndhurst Today!

AFC Urgent Care Lyndhurst provides professional ear cleanings seven days a week. If you are suffering from Swimmer's ear this summer or a chronic ear infection, it may be best to get your ears checked out.

Visit our walk-in center any day and receive ear cleanings on weekends. We accept many different insurance plans. Call our urgent care center now for more information at (201) 345-3839.

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