Is My Dizziness Related to Vertigo?

October 4, 2022

Is My Dizziness Related to Vertigo?

If you find yourself in a particular dizzy spell, it can be unpleasant to get up and move around! Feeling off-balance can make daily life difficult. When you have vertigo, that sensation is increased greatly and can be debilitating.

Vertigo is much more than just a simple case of being dizzy. Your entire world and surroundings will feel like they are moving and it can make it impossible to get around or move your head without making it worse. Read on as our staff at AFC Urgent Care Ooltewah helps you distinguish between dizziness and vertigo.

How Do You Get Vertigo?

Vertigo is a reaction to many different conditions, but is most commonly associated with issues related to your inner ear. Migraines, labyrinthitis and benign paroxysmal positional vertigo, or BPPV, are all common reasons you experience vertigo by creating an imbalance in your ear.

A case of vertigo can last for only a few seconds, or it can be life-altering and last days to weeks. When that happens, a medical visit is always encouraged to see if there is a more serious underlying issue.

Vertigo-Specific Symptoms

  • Intense spinning or world shifting sensations
  • Inability to move or bend without making it worse
  • Tinnitus (ringing in ears)
  • Motion sickness

What Can I Do to Make Vertigo Go Away?

Thankfully, most cases of vertigo will actually go away on their own, but when you are feeling this way, you will want relief before then! Anti-nausea medications can help your upset stomach, and moving slowly through your daily motions can help control the swooping or spinning sensation.

If your vertigo is associated with BPPV, specific head movements can help relieve your symptoms and move calcium deposits through your ear. These movements can be incredibly effective and can minimize your symptoms quickly.

Reducing Symptoms During a Vertigo Attack

  • Stand up slowly.
  • Sleep with your head elevated.
  • Avoid turning your head; turn your whole body instead.
  • Squat to pick up something instead of bending over.

If your vertigo becomes severe or is recurrent, it is time to be evaluated by a medical provider. Drop by AFC Urgent Care Ooltewah to be seen quickly!

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