Why the 2022 Flu Season Could Cause Extra Hardship for Families

October 16, 2022

Recent years have shown we never really know what’s coming next in terms of illnesses around the globe. One thing we can predict is flu season returning each year. Flu season runs from October to the end of March, but it’s impossible to know when it will peak each season. Flu season 2022 poses an even bigger risk of hardship for families, so preparing the best you can is imperative!

What to Expect from the 2022 Flu Season

The 2022 flu season is expected to be worse that recent years. Amid covid-19, the number of flu cases actually dropped. This is because people spent more time at home and wore masks when they did go out. By eliminating the situations in which the flu is spread, the number of cases lessened.

In 2022, people are back to their normal work and school routines. Most areas are no longer requiring masks either. This creates the perfect environment for flu cases to sore! In addition to higher flu numbers, the number of covid-19 cases will likely increase during fall as people spend more time in indoor spaces with close proximity to their peers.

Illness Prevention

Going into the 2022 flu season prepared will lessen your risk of getting the flu or experiencing severe symptoms. A nearby urgent care center can administer a flu vaccine today with no appointment required! Flu vaccines are extremely effective at preventing the flu. If you do get the flu after having your vaccination, symptoms will be milder.

Covid-19 vaccines and vaccine boosters should also be a priority going into the 2022 flu season. Healthcare systems can quickly become overwhelmed with an influx of flu and covid-19 cases at the same time. Getting your vaccinations is the easiest way to do your part and stay healthy!

Treating an Illness This Fall

If you do get the flu or covid-19 this fall, don’t panic. Most patients (especially those who have been vaccinated) can manage their symptoms at home with rest, liquids, and over the counter medication. If your symptoms continue to get worse or show no signs of improvement, visit an urgent care center right away! An urgent care center can accurately test and diagnosis your illness. If prescription treatment is needed, they can offer that too.

Healthcare in 2022 has been made more convenient and accessible than ever. Take advantage of the great advantages found at urgent care to stay healthy this fall!

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