Where can patients find Urgent Care in and around Cherry Creek?

June 14, 2019

Urgent care and local walk-in clinics serve several important needs for patients of all backgrounds and all ages. These include cost-effective and time-saving medical services that are accessible outside of traditional medical facilities.

Did you know that urgent care provides many medical needs at a fraction of the cost as other medical providers, including diagnostic and comprehensive medical care? The types of services available at an urgent care center include lab testing, STD testing, injury treatment, x-rays, DOT physicals, flu shots, and travel vaccines just to name a few.

For patients located in the broader Cherry Creek neighborhood of Denver, where exactly can you get urgent care? How can families nearby capitalize on the convenience and affordability of urgent care? What are some ways they can get convenient urgent care.

The good news is that AFC Urgent Care Cherry Creek provides urgent care services to communities and families all across the greater Cherry Creek area! What can we do to help you get the care you need?

Families in Belcaro, CO have a local urgent care clinic to access

Any families that live near or around Belcaro, CO can access AFC Urgent Care Cherry Creek for a variety of medical needs for all ages.

For example, children that need updated sport and camp physicals for summer camp, sport leagues, and similar recreational activities can get physicals on the same day. Additionally families that may need to get updated flu shots during cold and flu season can find us right off of E Exposition Drive!

Patients in Cory - Merrill can receive any diagnostic services on the same day

Residents of Cory-Merrill, CO don't need to drive the 20 plus minutes to get care at a hospital for diagnostic exams such as lab tests, STD testings, or other screenings. Just a quick visit to AFC Urgent Care Cherry Creek can help address these needs in a few minutes.

Just head up S. Colorado Boulevard for urgent care if you'd rather not wait at a hospital or emergency room for urgent care. For example, urgent care centers usually have walk-in clinics so you can get checked in for care in a few minutes. Then on a first-come, first-serve basis patients receive care for their needs.

Diagnostic exams including lab testing, STD testing, and illness/disease monitoring don't need to be an extensive chore. Simply check in to AFC Urgent Care in Denver to get any diagnostic exams you may want.

Additionally, there is no need to wait for x-rays or other types of imaging services since urgent care can provide those needs. Most local walk-in clinics allow patients to wait for an x-ray on a first-come, first-serve basis and get their diagnosis on the same day.

Live near East Hilltop, CO? Come in for a variety of urgent care services

AFC Denver in Cherry Creek also offers a variety of urgent care services available for patients of all ages in the East Hilltop, CO neighborhood. Just take E. Alemeda Ave. on S. Colorado Boulevard to get any urgent care you or a loved one may require.

For example, injuries can happen at the most unexpected times. School sports, work-related accidents, and other types of random injuries may require immediate medical intervention. For any injuries that aren't a full-blown medical emergency go to a local urgent care center.

Washington Park residents in Denver have a local urgent care for exams, shots, and physicals

Whenever your family requires extensive preventive care needs, don't count out AFC Denver's urgent care and walk-in clinic.

Patients that require updated vaccinations for a variety of medical needs just have to drive a short distance for care, or take public transit. Travel vaccinations needed for international help to protect travelers during and after their trip. Additionally, vaccination services such as flu shots help patients stay healthy during cold and flu season.

Washington Park residents can also get any preventive medical exams for several needs. Have a child that is participating in school sports or summer camp? Visit AFC Urgent Care Denver for immediate sport and camp physicals. Commercial drivers that require CDL renewal can also visit AFC Cherry Creek for DOT physicals to fast-track your renewal process.

AFC Urgent Care Cherry Creek strives to provide the best urgent care for every family in and around all Cherry Creek neighborhoods. Click the button below to call us directly or use the map for fast directions!

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