Where can I get treated for cold and flu symptoms?

October 26, 2019

This year, the flu virus is spreading at a faster than normal rate and flu season is expected to happen earlier than in previous years. Because the flu virus can spread, it is important to understand the best prevention methods and treatment options for cold and flu symptoms.

The best way to actively prevent the flu is by getting your flu shot at a walk-in clinic.

A flu shot uses a weakened strain of the flu virus to help manufacture a usable vaccine. The weakened strain uses the most recent flu virus in order to help a patient's body build immunity to the disease. Flu shots are safe and by far the most effective way to prevent the flu. For the 2019-2020 flu season, medical organizations highly recommend getting your flu shot as soon as possible.

In the event that you come down with a case of the flu, it is important to find treatment options as soon as possible. Early treatment of immediate flu symptoms can help streamline your treatment and get the care you need ASAP!

So where can patients get treated for their cold and flu symptoms? Are there more accessible and affordable options for flu shots and symptom treatment than traditional medical providers?

Urgent care centers provide a great resource for flu shots

Any urgent care center provides a great resource for patients to help get their seasonal flu shots!

Urgent care centers help patients recieve immediate treatment for non-life threatening situations including injuries, sudden illnesses, and other types of immediate medical needs. Unlike an ER, an urgent care center only provides treatment to patients that have immediate medical needs that aren't a full-blown emergency. However, an urgent care can help patients get the care they need ASAP!

Instead of waiting at an ER for a flu shot, x-ray, or lab test, patients can go to urgent care instead! This allows a patient to only wait a few minutes to get immediate medical services without having to wait for hours in the ER. But patients need to make sure that they are going to the ER for medical emergencies and urgent care for anything else!

Because urgent care centers are extremely helpful in providing high-quality medical services, they are a great resource for patients that need a flu shot!

Walk-in clinics also provide a great resource for flu shots!

A walk-in clinic is sometimes part of a larger urgent care center, but even stand-alone walk-in clinics allow patients to get immediate services like flu shots effectively!

Walk-in clinics accept patients without the need for an appointment, which means that anyone just getting off of work, school, or elsewhere have enough time to fit a flu shot into their schedule. A majority of patients that neglect their flu shots cite time management, or lack of availability, as the main reason. With a walk-in clinic, patients can coordinate flu shots based on their schedule!

Additionally, a walk-in clinic also provides affordable and lower-than-market prices for flu shots. This means that budget-conscious patients or patients that want to avoid surprise bills at other facilities can do so at a walk-in clinics. A good chunk of walk-in clinics also accept major insurance carriers, making the cost of care even more affordable!

AFC Urgent Care Leetsdale offers a walk-in clinic and urgent care center for your flu shots!

Families need an immediate healthcare provider in order to get flu shots that are affordable, accessible, and convenient for their needs. The good news for patients is that AFC Urgent Care Leetsdale provides flu shots for patients and families of all sizes!

Our newest AFC Urgent Care location allows both urgent care and walk-in clinic access so you'll always be able to get your flu. Patients with even the toughest, most demanding schedules will be able to get vaccines before flu season begins!

In addition, our Leetsdale location provides an immediate urgent care provider for patients in Lowry, Hilltop, Virginia Village, and Washington Virginia Vale! Instead of driving out to another type of hospital that is higher cost and higher wait times, you can get flu shots in Leetsdale in just a few minutes!

There is no need to compromise your health, quality of life, and family's health this flu season! Just get a flu shot at our Leetsdale urgent care today!

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