What is the best way to treat cold and flu symptoms?

October 8, 2019

Cold and flu symptoms are differentiating conditions that require different diagnosis and prevention, per the last AFC Urgent Care Denver blog on the subject. Without the right treatment and prevention options, your symptoms can worsen and keep you from enjoying all the festivities of the fall season.

As we mentioned before, the common cold and the flu are two different viruses that require slightly different treatment options. If you're interested in getting cold and flu treatment ASAP, then you'll want to look into seasonal treatments like flu shots and other preventive care services at AFC Urgent Care Denver.

Below, we'll go into the main differences between cold and flu viruses, treatment options, and where residents can get their symptoms relieved via a same-day appointment!

What is the difference between a cold and a case of the flu?

The common cold and flu viruses are different types of illnesses that impact patients at varying degrees.

A rhinovirus is a fancy name for the common cold. Rhinoviruses and the common cold travel through airborne transmission, as well as through a patient's respiratory system. The common cold can be transmitted through direct contact with another person, which means that personal hygiene is paramount to avoid the disease.

Influenza, or the "flu," spreads during the middle of the fall and early winter and comes in different variants. For example, Influenza A is a form of the virus that can affect different types of animals, as well as humans. Influenza B is a variant of the disease that is only found in humans but can spread rapidly between different types of individuals.

The main point to understand between both types of viruses is this: a flu shot can protect patients against multiple types of of the flu virus on a yearly basis. The common cold doesn't have a dedicated vaccine (because there is no available one at the moment.)

Since colds and the flu virus are different, you'll need specific prevention for each. However, AFC Urgent Care Denver provides flu shots, seasonal care, and other preventive symptom relief throughout the city!

How should I treat cold symptoms?

Cold symptoms are the result of rhinovirus and the common cold. A few ways to treat the symptoms are through rest, over-the-counter medications, and increased intake of fluids. However, there are few other ways that patients can treat cold symptoms like sneezing, coughing, congestion, and sore throat:

  • Stay hydrated and get plenty of rest
  • Try a saltwater gargle or another over the counter medication to soothe throat pain
  • Use doctor-recommended saline drops
  • Add moisture to the air in your household

Additionally, it also helps to treat sore throat and other cold and flu symptoms with a visit to a nearby urgent care center! At urgent care, patients can get medications and immediate symptom relief that may not be as available in the house or pharmacy!

How should I treat flu symptoms?

Flu symptom treatment is similar to cold symptoms since urgent care centers also provide immediate flu-illness care for walk-in patients! Simply find a nearby provider to get the care that you need ASAP.

For at home treatment, flu symptoms are fairly manageable with some of the same options patients have for cold symptom treatment. For example, flu viruses cause respiratory problems that require over-the-counter decongestants, rest, and plenty of hydration.

Sometimes though, vulnerable patients can experience significant health complications from the flu.

Patients with auto-immune deficiencies, asthma, respiratory issues, or similar chronic conditions can potentially need hospital care if they have the flu! This is because multiple types of influenza can create health detriments that impair breathing, heart rate, and other chronic health factors!

Get urgent care and seasonal treatment at AFC Leetsdale

AFC Urgent Care Leetsdale provides seasonal care for patients in Glendale, Aurora, Washington Virginia Vale, and other surrounding communities! This means we can help make those irritating cold and flu symptoms more manageable throughout the year!

Simply visit us at 850 S Monaco Pkwy, Suite 10 in Denver, CO (zip code 80224) if you need to get urgent care via our walk-in clinic. We offer same day appointments as well as walk-in care!

Seasonal flu and cold symptoms are never the easiest to deal with, but our urgent care team in Glendale is ready to provide that care with ease and efficiency!

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