What do I need before traveling? COVID-19 tests and urgent care services

November 30, 2020

Traveling during the COVID-19 pandemic can be especially tricky with new travel guidelines that can make it difficult to freely travel. Many state travel restrictions and guidelines are to ensure that patients don't spread the virus and are as safe as they can be. For patients that need to travel, they should consider visiting an urgent care service for many of the immediate needs that travelers require during the pandemic.

Available diagnostic testing, verified safety procedures, and high-quality care are just a few needs that patients will have when traveling across the U.S or beyond in 2020. If you have any additional questions do not hesitate to reach out to our provider team at any of our AFC Urgent Care Denver clinics:

Rapid Same-Day COVID-19 testing for travelers

AFC Urgent Care Denver clinics offer same-day rapid COVID-19 testing for all of our patients. Any patient that needs to return to work with a verified test, visit a family member, or go anywhere else can have peace of mind knowing that they have an accurate negative result.

At AFC Denver, our rapid tests are accurate and fast so that patients can quickly determine if they are at risk of spreading the virus, if they have it in general, and how long they may need to quarantine at home. In general, patients should evaluate their symptoms and risk factors before getting any COVID-19 testing. Situationally, most patients don't nessicarily need a negative tests. Some state specific guidelines for testing and prevention may require a negative test, but only with an approved medical partner:

Trusted Travel Testing Partnership to Hawaii

The State of Hawaii has introduced a new COVID testing partnership with AFC Urgent Care and AFC Urgent Care Denver locations as one of the only accepted testing providers for travelers. Starting on November 24th, patients must visit a Trusted Travel Partner in order to travel to Hawaii and avoid a 14-day quarantine.

AFC Urgent Care Denver is honored to be accepted as a new testing partner with the state. Our provider team’s commitment to excellence ensures that all patients are seen as quickly as possible with accurate and affordable testing options. If you need to book testing or have additional questions, use the buttons above to get started. Patients that want to know more about the Trusted Travel Testing partnership can do so by reading here.

Preventive travel care exams and physicals as needed

An urgent care center can also provide preventive travel care exams and physicals to ensure that you and your family are healthy enough to travel. While most patients are panicked about COVID-19 issues, and with good reason, making sure that your other healthcare needs are in check is equally important. Just visit your nearby urgent care center to get started today!

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