What Are The Most Common Summertime Injuries?

August 26, 2022

Summertime injuries can happen at a moment’s notice since recreation, physical activity, and more outdoor events are more available. They can also be caused by increased temperature associated with the summer. However, being aware of them can help you better prepare yourself for getting injured by making use of preventive and cautionary measures. Learn about common summertime injuries from these guides and how to prevent these injuries with some health tips and skills.

Injuries related to heat

This is the first type of injury you are susceptible to during the summer. It occurs usually when the body is exposed to intensely high temperatures for a long time. This way, the body will become unable to regulate the body temperature adequately hence causing heat-related injuries.

The best way to avoid or prevent these injuries is to protect yourself from exposure by using sunscreen, sunglasses, and so on. The following are the common injuries that can occur as a result of intense summertime heat;

  1. Heat stroke
  2. Heat exhaustion
  3. Heat cramps
  4. Sun sickness
  5. Sunburn
  6. Dehydration, and so on.

The symptoms usually include; nausea, dizziness, vomiting, migraines, muscle cramps, fatigue, hot, red, damp, or dry skin, headache, high body temperature, racing heart rate, and sometimes, loss of consciousness.

Injuries related to physical activities

Who doesn’t take part in outdoor activities during the summer? Whether it is riding a bike, swimming, playing sports, or hiking, there is always a one activity or another going on during the summer. That is why some injuries also happen during these activities.


Physical activity injuries are almost inevitable but you can minimize the risks by using shield guards like helmets while riding bicycle or running shoes when running. It is also advisable to swim in the shallow areas and wait until a lifeguard is around before entering the water. Taking certain precautions like these can reduce your tendency to get injured.


The common injuries associated with physical activities are broken bones, fractures, dislocations, sprains, strains, and concussions. These injuries can be caused during the following events:

  1. Falling off the bike
  2. Hiking on poorly constructed pathways
  3. Running on rough terrains
  4. Getting into an accident while cycling
  5. Misuse of playground equipment
  6. Roughhousing with other children
  7. Falling off playground equipment
  8. Falling on the slippery ground near the pool, and so much more


Though not all victims experience pain after these injuries and claim that everything is fine, it is still recommended to go for immediate care and checkup nonetheless to prevent further complications like internal injury or bleeding.

Injuries cannot but happen in the summertime, especially when they are from physical activities. But taking on preventive steps towards safety will ensure that the injuries come down to a minimum and you can enjoy the weather as you please. However, if an injury is mild to moderate, first apply first aid and then visit an urgent care center for same-day treatment.

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