What are the differences between Walk-In Clinics and other Healthcare Facilities?

June 25, 2019

Walk-in clinics and urgent care centers increasing in popularity as more and more patients prefer a more cost-effective option for healthcare without having to wait in the ER or a doctor's office.

Patients should understand one key piece of advice whenever they need immediate healthcare services: visit walk-in clinics for services that aren't a full-blown medical emergency. That means unless your life is in immediate danger you should try a walk-in clinic for care.

You’ve probably noticed that the amount of urgent care centers and walk-in clinics are on the rise. The sudden increase in popularity of the walk-in clinic is no coincidence though! More and more people have begun to recognize the benefits that can be found in an urgent care instead of an ER. If you’re ready to take advantage of this new medical option, then carefully review the prime benefits of walk-in clinics.

Patient Distribution and ease of access for patients

Walk-in clinics are intentionally designed to distribute patients more evenly for medical needs, which reduces overcrowding in the ER. A nearby walk-in clinic benefits both the ER and urgent care facility, if patients elect to use both facilities appropriately.

Patients who truly need emergency care are able to receive it more efficiently, and those who need prompt care that doesn’t qualify as an emergency will spend less time sitting in a waiting room. Sprains, infections, fever, and other mild conditions are some of the most common cases seen in a walk-in clinic.

The good news for patients at walk-in clinics is that their choice to use the clinic usually leads to a faster medical appointment without sacrificing quality of care.

Speed of Treatment and Convenience Factor

The average time a patient will spend in a walk-in clinic is less than an hour. In addition, walk-in clinics at AFC Urgent Denver locations can check in patients for care between 10 to 15 minutes. By contrast, it’s not uncommon to sit in an ER waiting room for an hour or more before a medical professional even checks you in!

Faster check-in also leads to faster treatment and total time of care for walk-in clinic patients. This faster rate of treatment allows patients to get the care they need without disrupting their life any more than necessary.

The best part about treatment is that services that can take several minutes, including x-rays or fracture treatment, is available for clinic patients. Did you know that four out of every five urgent care centers now offers treatment for more severe injuries such as fractures, all at a much faster speed than an average ER can!

Lower Costs than ERs and Hospital Rates

Urgent care centers and walk-in clinics also offer more affordable rates for medical services and can help to reduce a patient's potential medical debt. This is because even the out-of-pocket cost for walk-in clinic services are a fraction of hospital and emergency room costs.

Many walk-in clinics offer STD testing, physicals, and even lab services at a lower cost than a hospital can, all while adding the convenience factor or walk-inc care. This cost encourages people with less serious injuries to choose the urgent care over the ER, which helps even more with the patient distribution and improving the quality of care.

High-Quality Treatment Options

A walk-in clinic may be cheap and fast, but do they offer high-quality healthcare? The short answer is yes! Urgent care centers employ highly skilled and experienced doctors, nurse practitioners, and nurses to treat their patients.

If the staff feels that they aren’t able to provide the care that you need, they can transfer you to the ER or refer a physician that specializes in your area of need. Choosing a walk-in clinic doesn’t mean you’re sacrificing the quality of treatment you’re receiving! For the most part, walk-in clinic care offers the same level of care as the ER for services including flu shots, x-rays, illness treatment, preventive exams, injury treatment, DOT physicals, and STD testing.

Where can patients find a local walk-in clinic in Denver, CO?

The great news for Denver residents looking for walk-in clinic care is that AFC Urgent Care Denver has four convenient locations for patients! Simply visit and on a first-come, first-serve basis our team of board-certified providers and urgent care staff will treat your needs.

If you would like to learn more about our walk-in clinic services, please use the maps below to find your nearest AFC Denver location!

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AFC Urgent Care Denver Highlands:

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AFC Urgent Care Cherry Creek:

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