Urgent Care Centers May Offer Free STD Testing

February 9, 2015

free std testing centersYoung Americans aren't getting necessary STD and STI tests, a Jan. 23 Yahoo News article reports. According to the report, "Fewer than 40% of young, sexually active women are screened for chlamydia." What's more, one out of eight young males skip necessary STD tests because they believe they cannot afford them. As of yet, the vast majority of Americans do not realize that many low cost health clinics, 24 hour walk in clinics, and urgent care facilities offer STD testing for men and women. Here's a look at the Americans who need to take advantage of these services.

Young Adults Are Most At Risk
All over the U.S., there are 6,800 urgent care and healthcare clinics, including free STD testing centers. And it's a good thing, too. "In the United States, 20 million cases of new sexually transmitted infections occur every year from just eight viruses and bacteria," a Jan. 26 SF Gate article warns. Unfortunately, most cases occur in young people (ages 15 to 24), and a large bulk of young Americans diagnosed with STDs live in the Deep South. While this raises complicated questions about awareness and school curriculums, a few things are certain: There are free STD testing centers, and centers must honor patients' privacy and often cannot share visits, results, or any kinds of details with parents.

STD Spread Among A Less Likely Demographic
The 129,043 people working at walk in clinics have also noted a rise in STDs and STD testing among an unlikely demographic: aging Americans. According to New York Times contributor Ezekiel J. Emanuel, newly single (often widowed) seniors are getting to know peers in senior living communities very well, and they are often doing it without taking the proper precautions, likely owing to years and years married and without any need. Seniors, just like their younger counterparts, need to make certain they are getting necessary STD tests.

STDs are on the rise -- and, oddly enough, among the very young and the not-so-young. Americans of all ages can often rely on free testing centers that are open longer and more convenient hours than primary physicians to boot.

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