The Importance of Hydration for Your Overall Health

July 13, 2021

You’ve probably been told before to drink more water. Rather you heard it from your doctor or your overly health conscious best friend – it’s advice you should take to heart! Staying hydrated is important to your physical health, mental health, and overall well-being. Humans are roughly 70% water, so it makes sense that water is vital to the way that our bodies function! 

Why is Hydration so Important?

Proper hydration helps you in so many ways. Some of the most notable benefits that come with being hydrated include: 

  • Better sleep
  • Improved mood 
  • Joints that are properly lubricated
  • Less bloating 
  • Clearer skin 
  • Regulated body temperature

What’s the Best Drink to Stay Hydrated?

Not everything you drink is created equal. Regular water is the best thing you can drink to stay hydrated. Bottled water, tap water, and filtered water all provide the same hydration. Choose whichever type you like the best! Zero sugar sports drinks that have extra electrolytes are a good option if you’ll be outside and sweating a lot. Avoid drinks that are high in sugar, calories, or caffeine content. Alcoholic beverages are known to dehydrate the body, so you’ll need to drink even more water than normal if you’re indulging in an adult beverage. 

Summertime Hydration Tips

Staying hydrated in the summer is easier if you have constant access to water. Purchase a large, refillable water bottle that you like. Fill the bottle each morning and carry it with you throughout the day. When the water is gone, refill it asap! You’ll start to drink more purely out of convenience. If you don’t like the taste of regular water, add some lemon, lime, or sugar free water flavoring. Start swapping your mealtime beverage for a glass of water to save money and calories while staying hydrated! If you’re taking a hike or another activity that will have you away from a water source for multiple hours, freeze a water bottle the night before. It will slowly melt throughout the day so you’ll have a cold and refreshing drink all day long! 

Dehydration can range from very mild symptoms to serious symptoms that can result in hospitalization. If you suspect you may be dehydrated, start increasing your fluid intake and visit a nearby urgent care center ASAP. If needed, IV hydration can be provided while the urgent care staff assesses any of your other symptoms. 

Urgent care centers offer affordable pricing and quick treatment options in a convenient location. That allows you to get the care you need, when you need it and get back to your regular routine! Contact a nearby urgent care center today for more information on staying hydrated and how to treat dehydration.

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