Skin Cancer Risks Still At-Large After Summer's End

October 10, 2016

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Summer is nearly over, and it's likely that you've spent some time in the sun. As tans start to fade, however, many people find themselves going to tanning salons to keep up on their summer glows. While having tan skin may make you feel great, tanning can have long-term effects on your health.

Since 1975, skin cancer rates have more than tripled. This is partly due to the thinning of the earth's ozone layer, as well as tanning's increased popularity. Many people believe that indoor tanning is a safer alternative, but, in fact, both practices are dangerous.

Those who begin tanning at a younger age are more susceptible to melanoma, the deadliest type of skin cancer. Increased exposure for extended periods of time increases the risk of burns, as well as premature signs of aging.

Many people who tan are unaware of the consequences of their actions. Even what may look like a mild burn can be very severe. UV rays emitted by tanning beds and booths operate at a much closer range than those of the sun. While they are not as strong as the sun's rays, they are still dangerous.

If you find yourself with a mysterious sun spot after returning from a long time outside or a trip to the tanning salon, it's important to take immediate action. Emergency walk in clinics like urgent care facilities can offer the same services as your primary care physician, and many of the same as a hospital emergency department.

Emergency walk in clinics offer after hours urgent care treatments that are necessary for some who don't realize that they may be ill until after their primary doctor's office is closed.

These walk in health clinics are often staffed by a mix of doctors, physician's assistants, and nurse practitioners, who are qualified to provide immediate care for your illness, as well as advice for further medical treatment before your condition becomes a problem or spreads further.

Many medical walk in clinics an perform on-site lab testing to determine the extent of your burn or abnormal skin mark that may be the precursor to skin cancer or another severe skin condition.

In the meantime, refrain from indoor tanning, but continue to soak up as much of the sun before winter comes. Just be sure to wear sunscreen!

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