Minor Injuries? Flu Contagion? Preventive Care Needs? Here’s How AFC Denver Speer Can Help:

February 13, 2019

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Flu season is upon us, and the peak of it may be just around the corner in the Denver Speer neighborhood.

As discussed in our previous blog, the flu tends to peak around January or February as flu infections spike in local communities. A community may not be impacted by the flu for several months until a sudden epidemic happens.

Influenza is considered a national epidemic each year according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Communities both large and small are likely to have at least a month or two of accelerated flu activity as the flu season peaks.

Thankfully, as flu season comes into full swing in the Speer neighborhood, local residents can get their flu and seasonal illness care needs met at AFC Urgent Care Denver Speer! AFC Denver Speer provides a convenient, affordable, and fast way for patients to not only prevent the flu but also treat minor injuries, provide preventive care services, screen for common diseases and STDs, and several other healthcare services.

However, many patients may elect to go to their primary care provider or even an ER for urgent care matters without realizing the benefits of visiting a local urgent care center. So why should you choose AFC Denver Speer as you go-to medical facility for flu treatment, seasonal care, injury care, and any other urgent care needs?

Location, Location, Location. We’re right off of Speer Boulevard for easy access

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The exact address for AFC Denver Speer is 777 E Speer Blvd. Ste 100 Denver, CO 80203. We’re conveniently located in the center of the Speer neighborhood just a few blocks from Alamo Placita Park.

Whenever you need a flu shot or symptom treatment you can spend just a few minutes in the neighborhood to get the healthcare services you need. If you are commuting home from work, or traveling from another part of the city, you can swing by on your way home for any other urgent care services you may need.

For Denver Speer residents, our urgent care center is the closest medical center in the area:

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A quick Google Maps search finds that Denver Health Hospital is the second closest medical facility for Denver Speer residents, but is significantly further away from the neighborhood than AFC Urgent Care Denver Speer.

While AFC’s location provides a quick and highly convenient place for flu symptom treatment and urgent care needs, a patient may be skeptical of urgent care centers and their capabilities.

So why should a resident elect to travel several miles to a hospital or other clinic and visit AFC Denver Speer?

AFC Denver Speer offers low rates and affordable options for flu shots, urgent care

One of the most significant benefits of visiting AFC Denver Speer is that patients can receive care for affordable and reasonable rates.

In general, an urgent care center provides lower costs for patient visits than other types of medical facilities. According to insights from debt.org and the Annals of Internal Medicine, an urgent care visit is substantially cheaper than an emergency room for a variety of services:

  • Treating a sore throat at an emergency room can reach as high as $545 per visit. Comparatively, an urgent care charges about $94 for sore throat treatment.
  • Upper respiratory infection treatments cost an average of $486 per emergency room visit. An urgent care center treats upper respiratory infections for an average $112 per visit.
  • Treatment for sinus infections can reach as high as $612 for an emergency room visit. Urgent care costs for sinus infection treatment average out at nearly 1/6th of the emergency room price: $112.

AFC Urgent Care Denver Speer allows most patients to avoid some of the high fees at ERs or hospitals for relatively simple services such as flu and common cold treatment.

We even offer low and competitive rates compared to other urgent care centers and accept most insurance plans offered in the state of Colorado.

AFC Denver Speer strives to make any patient experience as helpful, convenient, and accessible as humanly possible

What separates AFC Urgent Care Denver Speer from other clinics or urgent care centers is our patient-first approach to providing your healthcare needs, regardless of the time of year.

Patients that experience flu symptoms or have other urgent care needs, like sudden injuries or illness, can always walk into AFC Denver Speer without an appointment. We provide walk-in access with wait times that average only around 15 minutes or so. Even walk-in patients get access to our board-certified physicians, nurse practitioners, and other urgent care personnel whenever they need service.

Specific healthcare services provided AFC Denver Speer include the following:

  • STD testing: We provide STD testing with quick results that are returned to a patient on the same day. Patients that don’t want to use their insurance they can pay out of pocket for a package of $299 only get multiple STD tests completed.
    • The STD test package is a special offer. Interested patients should call AFC Denver Speer at 303-733-4000 for more info and details on what the package includes.
  • IV: We staff IV-certified nurses right down the street in Denver Speer! The average cost of an IV at an emergency room may cost upwards of $500 dollars, according to the New York Times. An IV at AFC Denver Speer costs a fraction (1/5th) of that.
  • Sports and School Physicals: If your child needs to participate in a recreational activity, then AFC Denver Speer is here to help expedite any physical exams they may need. Throughout the year, we provide various promotions and discounts for an even lower cost.
  • DOT and employment physicals: AFC Denver Speer also provides occupational medicine programs, DOT physicals for commercial drivers, and employment physicals for businesses of all sizes. We can also administer drug testing for your employees as necessary.
  • EKG and X-Rays: AFC Denver Speer provides electrocardiograms (EKGs) and x-rays to help diagnose cardiac health conditions, minor injuries, and other ailments you may have. At our clinic there is no need to wait at an emergency room to get imaging services you may need.

Additionally, a patient can also schedule an appointment in advance if they have other needs such as an STD or lab test they want to plan ahead for. AFC Denver Speer can schedule appointments by phone at (303)-733-4000 or online through our patient portal.

If flu season is yet to come, or you experience a sudden injury, make sure you come into AFC Urgent Care Denver Speer whenever you need us!

We’ll be here to help you.

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