Men and Women's Healthcare and How To Access It

February 5, 2018

health clinic for women

Women's health issues are becoming more talked about in the mainstream media, and rightfully so. Raising awareness for any health issues is important, but the focus on women's health issues has had some positive effects for everyone. After hours urgent care has become a popular alternative to crowded hospitals and busy primary care physicians for men and women alike. The usefulness of these alternative healthcare centers cannot be understated, and the demand for a health clinic for women is certainly among the driving forces at play in walk-in health clinic growth.

There are many women's health clinics today. Many others take into account the similar needs of both men and women seeking private, inexpensive, and immediate care. Here are a few ways you can utilize these care centers.

Physical Examinations
If you've ever been asked to get a physical for employment, school, or sports, you know the basic process. For men, it involves a testicular exam, hernia check, visual STD assessment, and can include a prostate exam after a certain age. For women, the physical examination typically involves a breast cancer screening and a pelvic exam.

Though men and women have different biological parts, physicals are done to check for the same thing: any noticeable physical health issues. Another thing doctors will sometimes check for is suspicious skin growths. Doctors say that up to 80% of skin aging can be caused by sun damage, so if you or an urgent care physician notice a growth on your skin that wasn't always there, avoiding direct sunlight might be a good idea.

Confidential STD Testing
If you are sexually active and have recently had unprotected sex, you should get checked for sexually transmitted diseases regardless of your gender. Awareness for this issue and discussing it more openly is always helpful, but visiting a health clinic for women or men that provides anonymous STD testing can make it easier for many people to access this essential healthcare option without fear or embarrassment.

Whatever your non-life-threatening health care needs may be, urgent care clinics are open late every day and can help bridge the gap between the often overbooked medical alternatives. If you need a physical or same day STD testing feel free to walk in today.

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