How Urgent Care is Evolving During the COVID-19 Pandemic

April 14, 2020

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to progress, healthcare providers are changing more than ever to help maintain healthy and safe communities. The enormous challenges surrounding the coronavirus are requiring your local healthcare providers to change their operations dramatically: a mission that the provider team at AFC Urgent Care Denver is addressing head-on.

As we've mentioned before, the COVID-19 pandemic impacts a significant number of patients and communities. According to the Colorado Department of Public Health, the state now estimates that 10,000 cases of COVID are present in the state as hospitalizations climb above 2,000 patients. With coronavirus not slowing down anytime soon, urgent care providers need new ways to address patient needs that keep them safe, limit contact with the virus, and ensure they have access to medical care while at home.

Below are just a few of the new services that AFC Urgent Care Denver and our local healthcare providers are implementing to ensure that patients can get care without risking infection and have a local provider for crucial in-person needs.

COVID-19 Testing in Denver

AFC Urgent Care Denver provides COVID-19 testing at our urgent care centers across the city! Patients can contact our clinic to get information about testing policies, procedures, and what they need to do before getting testing for the coronavirus.

Patients will need a vehicle to get testing, but can travel to their nearest AFC Urgent Care location to get their test completed. Testing is available in Denver Cherry Creek, Denver Speer, Denver Leetsdale and Glendale, Denver Highlands, and Denver Park Hill/Park Hill. Once patients visit our clinic, our teams will be able to administer care and testing while you remain in the car. Our processes ensure that our staff are protected as they administer tests to multiple residents, thus lowering infection risks.

Car Side and Drive Up Medical Care

Patients need more protective measures to get the care they need for in-person visit needs like injury treatment and other follow-up care. That is why AFC Urgent Care Denver is proud to offer Car Side and Drive Up Medical Care for patients that want in-person care but also are trying to limit COVID-19 risks.

Drive Up medical services at AFC Urgent Care Denver allow our patients to get treatment from their vehicles without having to come into the clinic. Our providers can check-in patients, complete paperwork, and initiate treatment from tablet devices. All providers also wear protective equipment to keep visits healthy, safe, and low-risk for COVID-19 transmission. Additionally, patients that have unique vulnerabilities can get treatment from the safety of their care.

Through car side medical services, patients can simply visit an urgent care center during their daily routine and quickly complete any urgent care services they require!

Telemedicine Urgent Care Across Denver

Telemedicine and telehealth services are the fastest-growing uses for medical care from providers of all types. And urgent care has quickly adopted virtual visits and telemedicine technology to help give patients access to urgent care for minor symptoms, infections, and other urgent care needs.

AFC Urgent Care Denver's telemedicine visits allow patients to get care from the comfort, safety, and convenience of their home as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to challenge communities. Simply book an appointment through a broadband connection in order to connect with our local providers. A provider can then help patient treat and discuss the following conditions while in their homes:

  • Minor Burns
  • Minor Rashes (e.g. Impetigo, Shingles, Ringworm)
  • Newly onset cough
  • Sinus Infection or Sinusitis
  • Headache
  • Allergy Symptoms
  • And more!

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