How to Return To Normal Activities This Fall 2021 Season

September 21, 2021

Life is gradually coming back to normal as people are now getting COVID vaccines. However, there is a lot of anxiety and stress regarding the reopening of cities, businesses and the lifting of lockdown. The increased number of COVID cases is a concern. Therefore, some people don't feel safe in resuming their outdoor activities after a long time. 

The Peak of COVID-19 Anxiety This Fall

People aren't comfortable moving to shopping malls, concerts, colleges, and even sending their children to school. The spread of the virus is a big fear. For some people, the emotional distress regarding the reopening of activities is taking over their actions. Hence, they are unable to continue their normal routine. However, there is still hope that the seasonal illnesses (flu) and the pandemic situation will soon resolve.

Tips to Cope with COVID-19 Anxiety and Stress

Here are some ways, tips, and techniques that you can adopt to keep you and your family healthy. More importantly, you should keep yourself stress and anxiety-free.

Limit News and Social Media Exposure

You can avoid watching, listening, or reading stories about COVID cases on social media or other means for a short period. Although keeping yourself informed is a good practice, the debilitating situation of the global pandemic can be upsetting. Disconnect from digital devices for a while to maintain your health and improve your mood. Limit watching the news and engage in different fun and healthy activities throughout the day.

Maintain Physical and Mental Health

Taking care of yourself is a great way to get rid of anxiety and unnecessary stress. Anxiety can be protective, and experts support it as an adaptive methodology. However, once it becomes chronic, it can hinder your daily activities. Take deep breaths, stretch often, and exercise in a safe space or within your house. Ensure your diet is healthy and well-balanced. Avoiding substance use such as alcohol, drugs, tobacco, etc., keeps you healthy during high-rate COVID-19 seasons. If you are eligible for vaccination, get it, and ensure you get sufficient sleep.

Engage in Fun Activities

Talk to others and participate in fun activities that offer you some mode of enjoyment. Reconnect with your family and friends virtually if you want to maintain social distance to reduce COVID anxiety and stress. 

Experts suggest that this fall 2021, it is best to get your flu shot earlier. Flu is a life-threatening respiratory illness for some people. If you are among the elderly, book a flu shot today with an urgent care center to prevent flu symptoms and illness! You can lower your anxiety by getting the flu vaccine.

Patients that need to get either a COVID-19 test or a flu shot this fall should do so by visiting AFC Urgent Care Denver locations across the city. You can book online or visit for a walk-in visit for either service. 

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