How to Find Medical Convenience at Urgent Care

July 12, 2019

Getting a medical appointment is never the easiest nor the most convenient process for a variety of medical services. But is there a way to utilize urgent care to improve your patient experience, cost, and overall medical convenience?

The good news for patients is that urgent care provides a great outlet to get a variety of medical services without the long wait times common within an emergency room. However, patients and families near Denver may not fully understand the full scope of urgent care services as well as the several nearby options for convenient healthcare providers.

So, what can you do to ensure that you, your children, or your spouse get convenient medical care without compromising quality? How do local urgent care centers and walk-in clinics provide medical convenience?

Urgent care provides patient services in just a few minutes

Did you know that the average wait time in the emergency room is 30 minutes and the average treatment time is 90 minutes? Did you also know that urgent care wait and treatment is only a fraction of the average at the ER?

The average patient only needs 15 minutes on average to been seen at an urgent care center. This is because urgent care centers are also equipped with on-site walk-in clinic that allow patients to get treated for acute medical services. These services include injury treatment for bruises and cuts, flu shots, vaccination updates, preventive exams, and seasonal illness symptom relief.

However, it is important to understand that urgent care centers are mainly for patients that have immediate but non-emergency medical needs. For example, patients that have painful injuries should visit urgent care for fast treatment. Conversely, patients with life-threatening injuries need to go to the emergency room.

Additionally, if patients begin to utilize urgent care more appropriately then it could lower crowding in the ER, since patients with immediate medical emergencies are prioritized for care.

What patients need to ultimately learn is that urgent care centers provide a variety of key services found in the ER including x-rays and other diagnostic tests:

What types of medical services can I get at urgent care in a few minutes?

As we mentioned before, patients can get a variety of medical services that are usually only available in an ER, hospital, or doctor's office. The types of patient services available for families at urgent care include the following (but are not limited to these options, depending on the facility):

  • STD Testing: On-site STD testing that offers same-day results whenever you believe you contracted an STD.
  • Lab Testing and other Blood Work: Urgent care centers also allow patients to get diagnostic blood work and lab testing to diagnose potential diseases and ailments.
  • Sport and Camp Physicals: Children of all ages can get their physicals before recreational activities at an urgent care center, any time of the year.
  • DOT Physicals: Commercial truck drivers can also receive their CDL renewal.
  • Prescription and Medication refills/treatment: Urgent care centers can also administer some prescriptions as well under certain state regulations and guidelines.

The services listed above are just a fraction of what most urgent care centers can provide patients. But urgent care centers are also equipped with other amenities to improve your patient experience.

Where can I find convenient urgent care options around Denver?

Patients that ever need want to utilize a nearby, convenient, and local urgent care option can always visit any one of our AFC Urgent Care Denver locations. AFC Denver provides several family-based communities around the greater Denver area with fast and convenient options around the city.

All AFC Urgent Care Denver locations are included with amenities such as free parking, wifi, coffee and tea, simplified tablet check-in, and same-day appointments. Additionally, our urgent care centers accept most major insurance carriers, including Medicaid, at our facility.

Our centers are located in the following locations:

Convenient, affordable urgent care in Speer, CO

AFC Urgent Care Denver Speer provides families around Speer, Baker, and Capitol Hill with a nearby urgent care center for any pressing medical needs. Find us at 777 E Speer Blvd. Denver, CO 80203

High-quality and accessible urgent care and walk-in clinic in Highland, CO

Patients that reside in Highland, Sunnyside, and Berkeley, CO can visit our AFC Denver location at 3800 Irving St. in Denver, CO 80211. The average car ride from communities in Denver Highlands to our clinic is approximately six minutes, which reduces the time you need to get care ASAP!

AFC Urgent Care Denver is also located in Cherry Creek and Hale, CO

Our other AFC Denver locations aim to serve multi-family communities with excellence and efficiency whenever they require any medical service. If you have questions about our medical capabilities, please contact us directly using the buttons below and the map for directions!

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