How Often Should I Get COVID-19 Testing?

October 5, 2021

Patients need COVID-19 testing across Denver and Aurora, CO and that is a fact. Recently, the team at AFC Urgent Care Denver walk-in clinics and urgent care centers found that COVID-19 testing is our most frequently requested service. The good news for patients is that our clinics and specialty COVID-19 testing facilities can help patients get same-day test results for their needs.

But many patients that visit our clinics are not sure how often they may need to get a COVID test. There are many different lifestyles, healthcare needs, and risk factors that may require more or less frequent COVID-19 testing. The AFC Urgent Care Denver team is here to ensure that you know when and how often to get tested, based on these helpful guidelines below:

If you've come into contact with a person that has a confirmed COVID case: get tested right away

A family member, friend, or co-worker may inform you that they recently tested positive for COVID-19. If this happens then make sure you get tested right away.

COVID-19 can rapidly spread at large gatherings within indoor spaces, and even during outdoor events but with less infection risks. Regardless of the severity of a patient's symptoms you should get COVID testing right away to plan a two-week quarantine and minimize the risk of spreading the virus.

Always visit a nearby urgent care center or COVID testing facility to get same-day testing when you've been in contact with others that have tested positive.

Frequent travelers should get tested before each flight

Many people are traveling for leisure or work and benefit from frequent COVID-19 testing: before and after their respective departing flights.

Travel is still one of the most highly monitored industries for COVID-19 testing and usually requires a negative COVID-19 test before your initial flight. While some domestic flights may require a recent COVID-19 vaccination it is helpful to get tested and monitor your risks aboard.

Travelers should take necessary precautions including frequent sanitation, hand-washing, mask wearing, and social distancing.

Employees that interact with many customers at once should get testing once a week

If you're someone who works with a lot of in-person customers then you may benefit from testing at least once a week. The types of industries where employees benefit from frequent testing include the following:

  • Healthcare
  • Retail
  • Hospitality and Tourism
  • Dining and Restaurants
  • Municipal Offices
  • Corporate Offices
  • Warehousing and Shipping
  • Construction and Public Works

Many of these industries likely have a mix of vaccine mandates and policies that are very thorough for employees. However, it is still a great benefit to workers that need to stay safe when interacting with a lot of different individuals at once.

Immuno-compromised individuals may need weekly COVID testing or testing a few times a week:

Patients that are immuno-compromised or may not have the COVID vaccine could benefit from weekly testing or testing a few times a week for COVID-19.

The delta variant of the COVID-19 virus is even more contagious and harmful to patients with immune deficiencies or vulnerabilities, which means that COVID-19 testing is likely to help patients with more prompt medical intervention. Early detection of the virus can help patients prepare for treatment and quarantine without later experiencing harmful symptoms.

If you have further questions about our team then please call us today, or simply contact your nearest AFC Urgent Care Denver location!

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