How do urgent care centers help improve your overall health?

July 16, 2019

An urgent care aims to provide a convenient, affordable, and cost-effective medical option for patients of all ages. But did you know that the services provided by urgent care centers can help to improve your overall health?

Many patients simply assume that urgent care is just a place to mend a sudden injury, get a flu shot, or another simple acute medical need. Even though injury treatment and acute illness relief are important urgent care services, patients may not realize they can use urgent care as a preventive medical provider.

Urgent care centers have medical professionals and clinical staff on hand to provide exams, physicals, and guidance on how to improve your overall health. If you don't want to wait for a primary care provider to suggest any new medical options or wellness goals, then try urgent care!

Urgent care centers are staffed with medical providers and experts to guide treatment

When patients visit an urgent care center, they don't have to worry about finding the right treatment before they visit. That is because urgent care providers are equipped to accurately diagnose and perform treatment.

The faster you receive treatment for a sudden illness or injury, the better you will recovery and avoid other illnesses. As soon as you check in a provider and supplemental staff will help to accurately diagnose your ailments and administer the appropriate clinical treatment.

When you come into urgent care, it does help to provide a list of common medications, ailments, and illnesses that you are currently managing. Your provider can then address any clinical steps or treatments that you may want to consider.

Urgent care provides preventive exams and wellness services for patients

Staying on top of your overall health includes making sure that you are getting preventive exams, tests, and other screenings to monitor any issues. The good news for patients is that urgent care provides these services for all age groups.

During your visit, an urgent care provider may advise to do some wellness screenings including blood pressure, height, weight, and similar screenings to see if you're at risk for chronic diseases.

The other types of physicals and diagnostic exams that are available at an urgent care center include:

  • X-Rays: X-rays and imaging services at an urgent care can help to diagnose long-term injuries and illnesses as well as acute injuries.
  • Lab Testing: Blood work and lab testing is available at urgent care determine the root cause of diagnosis of a potential disease. Additionally, urgent care centers can perform STD tests to determine if you contracted a recent STD.
  • Sport and Camp Physicals: Before your child engages in recreational activities, you can take then to an urgent care to get a comprehensive sport physical (which is usually required by state laws).
  • Preventive Screenings: During your urgent care appointment, simply ask your provide if you can get a supplemental screening or exam for any chronic disease indicator.

If you have any questions about general health status or overall wellness simply visit a nearby urgent care center!

Urgent care centers can administer key medications that you need

The good news for patients visiting urgent care centers is that you can refill or renew certain prescriptions for your immediate medical needs.

At an urgent care center, you'll simply need any up-to-date prescriptions along with your medical history to get a refill. The ability to refill your prescription at an urgent care facility can help you save time and keep up with medication adherence.

Properly using and adhering to your most common medications helps to keep your chronic conditions under control and continue your necessary treatments without a major interruption.

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