How Can I Find a Nearby COVID-19 Test?

May 18, 2020

COVID-19 testing facilities have an increasing amount of supplies to effectively screen and record cases of the novel coronavirus. The amount of healthcare providers that have gained recognition as a testing site grew significantly in the last month. But what should patients know about COVID-19 testing sites?

Whether you are looking on Google Search, in a maps app, or elsewhere online, certain COVID-19 testing centers have certain features and availability for their patients. Many patients may need to get either COVID-19 swab testing and COVID-19 antibody testing as soon as possibles, but a testing facility may only take patients by appointment.

Additionally, COVID-19 testing facilities may only have a few types of tests available while others have multiple tests. Here’s a breakdown of what patients should consider before visiting a COVID-19 testing facility.

COVID-19 testing facilities may be first-come, first-serve or by appointment only

Patients that need to get COVID-19 testing right away can have difficulty getting a test if facilities only offer appointment-only COVID-19 testing.

An urgent care center, doctor’s office, or even a hospital campus may request patients to book an appointment online or get a telemedicine screening before they get testing. COVID-19 testing by appointment usually means that patients need to plan an extra day in advance to get testing.

Conversely, testing facilities can also accept patients on a walk-in basis. AFC Urgent Care Denver also provides COVID-19 testing without the need for an appointment! Just visit our urgent care center to get treatment right away!

Testing facilities may only have one type of COVID-19 test

The good news for patients is that AFC Urgent Care Denver has both COVID-19 swab testing as well as antibody testing for patients. However, not all testing facilities have this.

Even though testing access has expanded rapidly in the last two months, some clinics only offer limited testing options. Usually, many communities and their healthcare providers only offer swab testing to help track how many cases are active in a region. Ask your provider organization if they offer testing and if they have multiple types.

Antibody testing allows patients to determine if they had a recent COVID-19 infection and if they are immune. A swab testing is ideal for patients that need to see if their current symptoms are the result of a current COVID-19 infection.

When searching for a COVID-19 testing facility nearby, make sure that they offer walk-in clinic access to tests and have multiple types of COVID-19 testing. If you have any questions about coronavirus testing in Denver, then contact our team today!

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