COVID Travel Testing Guide For The Summer

August 12, 2022

COVID-19 is still a major issue when it comes to summer travel and may impact your plans if you test negative. You would need to make sure you take normal precautions before your flight, follow your destinations’ covid policies, and stay safe this summer with vaccines and testing. Below are some things to note before traveling this summer.

Book your Flight on Time

You might be used to waiting until the last minute before you book your flight just to get that sweet deal. However, doing that now might cost you your chances of traveling at all. Due to COVID, many organizations are trying to reduce the crowd and hence the reservations available. So if you wait for a little longer, odds are that you might not get a reservation.

Research your Destination’s COVID Policies

Another mistake you might be making is traveling to your destination blindly. COVID policies are different around the world and while some places have relaxed on some COVID precautions, other places keep their laws intact. Find out the level of COVID risk in your destination and the needed policies so that you are not found wanting.

Don't Forget your Basic Travel Rules

Due to the lockdown, many Americans have likely forgotten what is needed before traveling. In that case, you would need a small checklist to note what are and aren't forgetting. Below are a few basic traveling items you would need, especially post-COVID.

  • Visa and Passport
  • COVID testing validity document
  • Face mask
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Medical or health insurance, if any
  • Medical records and reports
  • Daily assistive devices such as crutches, hearing aids, eyeglasses, and so on.
  • List of your medications, if any.

Call to Ascertain Important Information

It would be absurd to assume that everything has gone back to how it was pre-COVID. When you are going for your COVID travel test, ensure that you call the hospital beforehand to ascertain some important information. Some of the things you should ask include their opening and closing hours, the structure of the hospital against COVID policies, and other amenities you might be looking forward to.

Validate your Insurance Cover

Another thing you should avoid is assuming that your insurance covers you at your destination. Though some insurance policies work that way, it is safer to validate that information. Reach out to your insurance company and ask the right questions about the extent of their coverage. It is better to know now than be shocked if any unexpected event happens.

Due to reduced COVID threats, traveling testing is now acceptable. Nonetheless, it is better to be cautious than to jump into harm’s way. Book your flights on time to avoid crowds, research about the destination, pack correctly, make necessary phone calls, and validate your insurance cover. If you need a COVID-19 travel test today then visit a nearby urgent care center

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