COVID-19 Pandemic Update for April 2020

April 3, 2020

The novel coronavirus pandemic is one of the most pressing healthcare crises to date. The COVID-19 has led to widespread economic uncertainty, public shutdown, and a halt on normal life across the United States. In fact, the CDC estimates that nearly 746,000 cases of COVID-19 are present in the United States with cases beginning to grow. States have varying levels of infections, which means that a few states and major cities could take significantly longer than others to re-open. 

In Colorado and the Greater Denver Metropolitan Area, the situation is being monitored closed by the Department of Public Health and local healthcare providers. The provider team at AFC Urgent Care Denver is here to provide you with some updates about new services, policies, and access to care that can help you maintain a safe environment during this time! 

COVID-19 Estimates in Colorado and Denver:

The Department of Public Health currently estimates that nearly 9,730 cases of COVID-19 are present throughout the state. Denver county has 1,700 case, approximately, and could see a spike in future cases as well. However, patients are doing their part to get tested and reduce the spread with at-home work and self-quarantine. 

About 44,000 patients have received a test for COVID-19 with 1,800 patients needing emergency and hospital care for the virus. The state continues to monitor the progress of the virus in the state and is a great resource for patients and families that want to keep on eye on the situation. 

COVID-19 Testing at AFC Urgent Care Denver

Patients that aren't sure whether or not they need COVID-19 testing can do so at any of our urgent care centers. Get COVID-19 testing at urgent care centers across Denver. Our provider teams at AFC Urgent Care Denver have rapid COVID-19 testing for patients in Cherry Creek, Denver Leetsdale, Denver Highlands, Denver Speer, and Denver Park Hill! 

Patients can get testing through our Car Side and Curb Side Medical Services, where our providers use social distancing guidelines, specialized safety procedures, and other precautions to safely test our patients. 

If you're interested in COVID-19 testing, make sure you understand the key risk factors of the virus. If you meet all of the following conditions, you may want to call your nearest AFC Denver location for possible testing: 

  1. Hospitalized patients who have signs and symptoms compatible with COVID-19 in order to inform decisions related to infection control.
  2. Other symptomatic individuals such as, older adults and individuals with chronic medical conditions and/or an immunocompromised state that may put them at higher risk for poor outcomes (e.g., diabetes, heart disease, receiving immunosuppressive medications, chronic lung disease, chronic kidney disease).
  3. Any persons including healthcare personnel, who within 14 days of symptom onset had close contact with a suspect or laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 patient, or who have a history of travel from affected geographic areas within 14 days of their symptom onset.

Provider Outreach and Support from AFC

Dr. Johnny Shen, and the team at AFC Urgent Care Denver, is providing frequent COVID-19 updates and community resources for our local patients and families! 

Dr. Shen and the team are doing everything they can to keep our patients informed about new policies, procedures, and services that help keep our patients safe during the pandemic. Digital telemedicine visits, COVID-19 testing, and car side medical care are new services our team is offering to ensure our patients have the care they need. Below is a brief summary of the new services we are offering! 

Telemedicine Urgent Care: Telemedicine and telehealth services allow our patients to get the care they need at home during the pandemic.  All patients need is an internet connection to connect to our providers. Simply book an appointment on our website to get care for sudden symptoms and illnesses from your home! 

Car Side and Curb Side Medical Care: More than ever, patients require a sanitary and cautious method for getting in-person care when a virtual visit can't help with physical injuries or ailments. Thankfully, our provider team now offers Car side and curb side medical care so that patients can get treatment without coming into the clinic. Our providers administer treatment for you while you wait in your car. PAs use tablets and smart devices to check you in, which allows us to keep the whole process, from check-in to triage, as sanitary as possible. 

COVID-19 Testing: At AFC Denver locations, we offer COVID-19 testing for our patients. Simply book a visit online or call ahead to any of our denver urgent care locations to get started! 

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