Can I get my flu shot at an urgent care center?

September 10, 2019

Flu season is coming up in the near future, which means that patients will need an updated flu shot as soon as they require care. The influenza virus can impact at least 40 million people in a given year, especially like last flu season where thousands of flu cases lead to hospitalizations.

The main consequences of the flu are well-known but other supplemental issues can greatly impact your quality of life.

Flu-borne illnesses can lead to symptoms including sneezing, coughing, congestion, fever, and fatigue. The severity of these illnesses can vary from patient to patient but usually require at least two weeks of rest to fight off. As more and more people miss work and school from the flu, it can lead to significant delays in productivity, quality of life, and other important responsibilities that people have in their daily lives.

In addition, the flu can cause hospitalizations and potentially death in rare cases among very vulnerable patients. That is why it is important for healthier members of the community to get vaccinated: to reduce the spread of the flu virus across your community.

Many patients may struggle to find time to get their flu vaccine this season. With family, work, and other commitments, it seems like getting your flu shot is not as easy as it should be. However, the good news is that urgent care centers provide accessible flu shots for all types of patients.

But what should patients know about getting a flu shot at an urgent care center? Where can Denver residents find accessible urgent care flu shots this season?

Below is a short list of AFC Urgent Care locations for fast and immediate flu shots, as well as the benefits of flu shots for families across Denver!

AFC Urgent Care Denver Speer provides flu shots for patients in Baker, Speer, and Alamo Placita!

AFC Urgent Care Denver Speer provides updated flu shots every season to ensure that families are getting the most of their urgent care needs met.

A flu shot helps to ensure that you don't develop symptoms before the peak of flu season begins. It helps to find a nearby walk-in clinic in order to get the care you require ASAP!

In Speer and close-by neighborhoods, patients can simply take E. Speer Boulevard to get flu shots as soon as they want them! In fact, we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver urgent care needs to all members of your family. And since we're right in your backyard it is now easier for Baker residents to get the flu shots they need ASAP!

Flu shots are available at urgent care in Denver Park Hill, Hale, and Montclair!

Our Denver Park Hill urgent care clinic provides flu shots for a wide range of communities just east of the city, which includes Hale, Montclair, South Park Hill, and adjacent neighborhoods.

A good chunk of patients believe that there simply isn't enough time in the day to provide flu shots that fits their schedule. However, AFC Denver Park Hill offers walk-in clinic access so patients can always get the care they need ASAP! A walk-in clinic allows medical providers on site to administer flu shots whenever they need to get vaccinated quickly.

The Denver Park Hill team is ready to be your Denver Park Hill neighborhood medical provider! That also includes ensuring that patients of all ages stay flu-free this season!

AFC Urgent Care Denver Highlands provides a one-stop medical center for flu treatment

AFC Urgent Care Denver Highlands also provides immediate medical access for patients located in Highland, West Highland, Sunnyside, and nearby neighborhoods.

The flu shot can be more expensive at a traditional medical facility and may not be covered by your health insurance carrier. The good news for patients is that AFC Denver Highlands accepts most major insurance carriers in the state of Colorado. This means that budget-conscious patients and families can get an effective flu vaccine at a cost that doesn't require significant spending.

Patients can simply find us by calling us directly at (303) 477 - 6000 or by visiting our urgent care center at 3800 Irving St. in Denver, CO.

Getting your flu shot doesn't have to be an expensive chore that requires some sacrifice in your normal schedule. At AFC Urgent Care Denver, we understand that your time and money are important to you and your families. We want to give you a little bit more of both those things with low-cost, accessible flu shots this fall!

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