3 Ways to Start a Family Health History Record

August 20, 2018

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Family care physicians are important members of the community and an integral part of keeping you and your family healthy. However, they are only able to do so much if you don't know your family health history. You aren't the only person in the world who doesn't know the types of health risks that run in your family but you should be aware that knowing these risks can help you lead a healthier lifestyle.

There are many ways to start a health history to provide to your family care physicians.

Use online resources

It's not always easy or comfortable to talk with your family members about their health history and some may be reluctant to freely give you this information. You can make it easier by printing out health forms for your family members to fill out or take advantage of several online portals which they can access on their own accords to fill out their information.

Be sensitive

You may find yourself in situations where it's uncomfortable for both parties to talk about your family member's health history. In these situations, it's important to be sensitive to the information they divulge to you. Have a private conversation with these relatives and let them know that any information that they give you will be completely private and will only be used by your family care physicians.

Get tested

If getting access to your family health history is impossible or too difficult to manage, then you can have yourself tested for possible risks. These tests look at your inherited genetics to determine if you're at risk of any poor health conditions, such as heart disease or dementia. Roughly one in 20 adults aged 65 or older will suffer from some type of memory loss and 30 million people worldwide have dementia, including those with Alzheimer's disease. Your family history can tell you if you are at risk for such diseases. It's important to discuss this option with your doctor and get their recommendations.

A family health history is important no matter what type of doctor's office you go to. An urgent care facility will find this information just as useful in helping you lead a healthy lifestyle.

If you're conducting a primary care physician search or looking for a family health care clinic, check us out today.

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