Where is the best medical option for a sports physical this fall?

September 4, 2019

A sports and camp physical are essential for ensuring that your child is adequately protected and safe during the school sports season. Without a proper physical, your child will be unable to enroll in recreational programs and are more likely to experience recreation-based injuries.

Parents may delay getting their child's physicals for a couple of reasons. These include long waits and delays at their doctor's office, busy schedules, and sometimes budgeting for certain medical care. The good news for patients though is that AFC Urgent Care Denver locations provide affordable and accessible $25 school physicals for children of all ages!

However, many parents don't consider using urgent care services to ensure that their children get sports physicals in a timely fashion. Here is why you should look into urgent care for your child's sport and camp physicals:

Urgent care providers can administer high-quality and accurate physical exams

It’s important to remember that physicals can protect your child from illness and injury. If you're not sure about the staff at an urgent care center, remember that urgent care staff are trained in best practices for pediatric healthcare!

During a physical, urgent care providers monitor and evaluate your child’s overall health. This is an opportunity for them to catch any medical conditions or potential weaknesses that they might have.

A sports physical then allows your child's coaches and athletic staff to ensure that your child is ready to participate in any sports. The physical can also help athletic staff to create a more welcoming and appropriate recreational experience for your child!

Urgent care centers are a fast and affordable place to get camp physicals

If you’re in need of a quick but thorough physical for your child, head to a nearby urgent care center. On-call staff can perform all the necessary tests to make sure your child is healthy and ready to play.

Urgent care centers place a lot of focus on efficiency, so you won’t have to take too much time out of your day to get the physical done. You can also go in without an appointment, which is incredibly helpful for busy families juggling full schedules. There is no need for an appointment, simply walk in to get the care your child requires!

In addition, urgent care centers offer lower-than-average rates for sports physicals for parents and their children. For example, AFC Urgent Care Denver clinics offer physicals for as low as $25 per physical and also donates a small portion back to your child's program! Urgent center centers are generally more affordable than traditional medical facilities for a variety of medical needs!

Get your child a sports physical at AFC Urgent Care Denver Park Hill!

Parents that live primary around Hale, Chessman Park, and South Park Hill, should consider getting their child's physical completed at AFC Urgent Care Denver Park Hill!

Our Denver Park Hill location is ready to meet the needs of parents with full schedules driving their children to sports, reversal, playdates, and other demanding responsibilities. Allow our team at AFC Denver Park Hill to make your schedule a little less hectic with same-day physicals.

Remember that your child needs a physical in order to keep participating in a wide variety of back-to-school programs and school sports. Don't delay their season by forgetting to get a physical. Just visit our team to get started!

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