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Travel Medicine

Travel Medicine and Travel Vaccines at AFC Urgent Care Denver

AFC Urgent Care Denver Cherry Creek provides patients in Glendale, CO and Cherry Creek with same-day travel medicine as well as travel vaccines for their needs. All patients need to do is make sure that they fill out the appropriate paperwork when they come in on their visit. Our dedicated urgent care providers will make sure that you have all the required medical needs and clearances before heading to your international destination.

Vaccines and travel medicine are usually major requirements before traveling to certain destinations. Without these vaccines, you may be unable to continue your trip. To get any information about travel medicine in Denver Cherry Creek, or to begin the travel vaccination process, simply visit our walk-in clinic to get started!

Travel Medicine Basics for Patients in Cherry Creek Denver

Patients that are traveling alone or with their families, or a larger group of people, simply need to visit AFC Urgent Care Denver Cherry Creek to get started. Our urgent care team is equipped to get you any specific vaccines and medical clearances before your trip. Make sure that you are ready to provide a full history of your previous vaccinations and other conditions that could impact your ability to safely travel.

The initial visit at AFC Urgent Care Denver Cherry begins with the following process:

  • The entire treatment plan will consist of 1-2 visits.
  • The initial consultation is $200. Your provider will determine what vaccines need to be ordered.
  • Our staff will administer your vaccines that day or order them for a follow-up nurse visit.
  • The cost of the vaccines is separate and varies depending on the vaccine(s) required.

Travel Vaccines Available at AFC Urgent Care Denver Cherry Creek

Depending on your destination, you may need one or more travel vaccines before you can safely travel. A list of the most common types of vaccines that is needed for extensive international travel includes the following:

  • Polio vaccine
  • Tetanus vaccine
  • Typhoid
  • Meningococcal vaccination
  • Measles, mumps, and rubella vaccine
  • Yellow Fever (Soon to be ordered and available for additional referral)

Vaccines at AFC Urgent Care Denver Cherry Creek may have limited availability as we are constantly stocking new vaccines and initiating new travel vaccine offers for our patients. If you have any questions about travel vaccines please contact our staff on our website or call us directly.

If you know which travel vaccines you need don’t hesitate to visit our walk-in clinic to get started with your travel medicine needs!

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