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Immigration Physicals

Immigration Physicals

Call today to learn more about immigration physicals at AFC Urgent Care Denver Cherry Creek.

AFC Urgent Care Denver Cherry Creek is proud to offer immigration physicals for new residents, part-time workers, permanent residents, and for any individual that needs related immigration-related urgent care.

Our team understands that immigration isn’t an easy process: it requires significant consultation, time, and resources from immigrants. The immigration physical is an important and necessary step to begin your new career or new life here in the United States.

United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) require all residents to have an updated physical before continuing their immigration process. Please call our team to get started or keep reading to learn more about what you’ll need to complete your immigration physical:

Preparation for your immigration physical:

Patients that are coming to the United States for permanent residency, work, tourism, or other extended visits need to prepare for their physical by having these documents and information ready:

  • A government-issued photo ID from your home country
  • Vaccination records as well as immunization records
  • Available payment ready on the day of your visit.
  • Current medical records that include a list of ongoing conditions, medications, and more.

Please call AFC Urgent Care Denver Cherry Creek if you need any other questions addressed during your physical.

Which conditions does an immigration physical evaluate?

In accordance with USCIS guidelines, immigration physicals evaluate the full scope of a patient’s overall health. This includes chronic diseases and chronic disease risks, hearing, vision, and other standard health metrics. A full list of what an immigration physical evaluates is as follows:

  • A routine health exam that assesses patient’s overall health
    • Includes exam of the patient’s vision, ear, nasal, mouth, lungs
  • A medical history review that determines current health conditions, needed treatment, and other health risks such as communicable diseases.

What should patients expect?

At AFC Urgent Care Denver Cherry Creek, we ensure that our patients get the best possible care while also guiding them through the immigration process.

As new immigrants go through their medical evaluations, they will need to come back to our urgent care center to complete follow up tests.

Becoming a U.S citizen or permanent resident is an exciting life event, but comes with its unique challenges. To make the process a bit easier, allow AFC Urgent Care Denver Cherry Creek to assist you.

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