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Other Physical Exams

Get Same-Day Sports Physicals, Employment Physicals, and DOT Physicals at AFC Urgent Care Cherry Creek

At AFC Urgent Care Cherry Creek, we strive to ensure that patients get physical exams whenever they need them. That is why we are open from 8am to 8pm every day of the week to ensure that our patients receive urgent care services near them.

Patients will never need an appointment to get any sports, employment, or DOT physicals at AFC Urgent Care Cherry Creek. Simply visit our nearby walk-in clinic to ensure that you get your physical on the same day as your visit.

Americans of all ages will need multiple types of physicals exams to participate in sports, continue employment, manage their employees, and enroll in primary and secondary education.

Why do I need an updated physical exam or routine check-up?

Our board- certified physicians offer quick, physical examinations, without needing an appointment. We want you to get your bill of good health and get you going. AFC Urgent Care Cherry Creek is conveniently located, walk-in ready, and offers all major types of physicals, including:

  • Physical Basic Overview
  • DOT physicals for local drivers
  • School, Sport, and Camp physicals for students
  • Employment and executive physicals for workers and management

Each of these categories of physical exams help to prevent health problems, receive health advice from a doctor, and get peace of mind about new medical conditions. A physical also helps to establish health baselines so you can plan the appropriate medical appointment, save money on unnecessary appointments, and carry on with your career.

Below are just a few types of physical exams that patients can receive at AFC Urgent Care Cherry Creek:

School Physicals, Sport Physicals, and Camp Physicals in Denver, CO

Each year, children will need an updated sports and camp physical in order to participate in recreational activities. Legally, recreational groups must have up-to-date physicals on file to ensure that they can meet all the health and safety needs of all children.

Additionally, school administrations are required to have your child’s physical on file in order to protect your children throughout the school year. Without an updated physical you may delay your child’s participation in school, camp, or sports.

The physical allows camp counselors, schools, coaches, and similar staff to lower the risk of communicable diseases and health risks while your child is at school or playing elsewhere. If you need more information, please consult our medical services to see what other services we provide.

Employment physicals for workers and executive management

Businesses of multiple sizes will need occupational health services that ensure all employees and managers are healthy and safe while at work. Thankfully, our AFC Urgent Care Cherry Creek locations provide convenient physicals for workers of all needs.

Pre-employment physicals allow workers to determine if they are ready to begin a new job or return to work based on their overall health assessment. These physicals allow workers to ensure they are physically able to complete their tasks and job assignments.

Additionally, executive staff and management can also rely on occupational health programs to get routine exams, provide health support for their workers, and ensure that workers get all the preventive care they need. These services include drug-testing, return-to-work programs, and workers compensation.

DOT Physicals for truck drivers and commercial transportation

Commercial truck drivers are required to get their Department of Transportation (DOT) physical in order to renew their CDL. To quickly get your updated DOT physical make sure to visit our AFC Urgent Care Cherry Creek center.

Truck drivers will need to go to a medical facility that allows medical examiners to quickly and accurately complete their physicals. In this instance, urgent care centers can be extremely helpful in making sure there is no significant delay in your care.

Simply walk into any of our Denver urgent care centers to get your DOT physical on the same day as your visit!

Physical Exams—Walk In or Schedule an Appointment Today

Get a same-day physical exam today by walk-in or scheduling an appointment. Either way, you’ll be seen by one of our doctors within minutes of arrival.

Our AFC Urgent Care Cherry Creek Location is ready to provide affordable physical exams and the following amenities:

  • Walk-in friendly
  • Open 7-days a week
  • In-network for most Colorado insurers
  • Open extended hours
  • Staffed by doctors and nurses

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