The One New Year's Resolution You Need to Make - Get Tested for STDs

January 27, 2016

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When the New Year rolls around, people are quick to make resolutions that they likely won't keep. Some say they want to start eating healthier and then order some fast food the next day. It's tough to make entire lifestyle changes overnight, which is why a lot of resolutions don't stick. It's important to want to make healthier changes, even if they don't start right on January 1st, but there is one thing you can't put off until next year: your sexual health.
If you're sexually active, you need to get tested regularly for sexually transmitted diseases. You may have heard this ad nauseam, but you should be visiting STD testing centers often to ensure you are in fact disease-free. Some STDs and STIs show little or no symptoms; many people do not realize they have an infection and end up spreading it to others before they can receive treatment. Did you know that fewer than 40% of sexually active young women get tested for the most common STDs? You should be regularly tested for infections such as chlamydia, gonorrhea, and HIV.
The frequency of the tests varies depending on your sexual activity, but experts suggest getting tested with each new sexual partner. Over 20 million cases of new STIs occur each year from just eight different viruses and bacteria. STDs and STIs spread quickly and your sexual health is not to be ignored; they can have long term complications that may lead to infertility, whole body illness, or even death.
So where can you go to get the testing you need? STD testing centers often provide free screenings for their patients. At home STD testing is not always accurate, so it is best to visit a certified physician. If you do not have specialized STD testing centers near you, you can always visit urgent care facilities for fast and confidential care. You are bound to find an urgent care center near you. The popularity of urgent care centers has skyrocketed in the past eight years. Since 2008, over 1,300 facilities have been added across America.
The availability of STD tests has greatly increased as more and more people recognize their importance. Do not wait another day to get tested if you haven't this year. It is easy to do so, as there are many free health clinics standing by to help you. Your sexual health is an important component to your overall well-being.

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