How To Get Tested For STDs As A Teenager

February 19, 2018

confidential std testing

Sometimes being a teenager is pretty rough. There are all of the challenges of school, responsibilities of homework and getting good grades, and almost none of the freedoms of adulthood. It can also be hard to share certain things with your parent. If you are sexually active and had unprotected sex, you should get tested for sexually transmitted diseases as soon as possible.

How To Get Tested Without Your Parents Finding Out
Some parents are undoubtedly more than willing to take you to get tested, but it can be really hard to talk to even the most open parents. Some parents might react negatively as well. Either way, to ensure your safety now and in the future, it is essential that you get tested. You have three options for where to do this.

  1. Hospital
    This is the worst option. It will be slow, expensive, and probably far away from where you live. If you have no other choice, hospitals are an okay place to go for anonymous STD testing.

  2. Pediatrician
    Your primary care physician must also keep your test anonymous, but you run the risk of your visit showing up on your parents' insurance bill. Pediatrician's offices also close very early most days. This is because current data has revealed that America will need roughly 52,000 more primary care physicians by 2025 to keep pace with our healthcare needs. There just aren't enough doctors to keep these offices open all day long.

  3. Urgent Care Clinic
    The best place to get confidential STD testing is at urgent care or STD testing clinics. There are likely even a few free STD testing centers in your area. You can walk in at any time and explain that you need to be tested for STDs and in a few minutes you will be given the test, then the results will be available shortly after.

Getting tested for STDs shouldn't be considered shameful. Confidential STD testing exists to keep you safe. While at the urgent care center, your doctor will most likely give you some literature concerning safe sex practices, condoms, and other methods of birth control.

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