Why Should I Get My Flu Shot at an Urgent Care Center?

October 15, 2022

Covid-19 is still a very real concern that’s stretched the medical staff thin in many areas. That’s part of the reason why flu shots are more important now than ever. Getting your flu shot in 2022 can be a quick, easy experience if you go to an urgent care center! If you’ve never visited an urgent care center for a flu vaccine before, these benefits are sure to make 2022 the year you do.

Convenient Location and Hours

Urgent care centers are conveniently located all over the place. If you’ve never noticed how many urgent care centers are close to you, do a quick internet search and you’ll be amazed at the results! The convenient locations make it easy to stop into an urgent care center during your normal daily commute.

Urgent care centers also offer hours that work with work and school schedules. Instead of being open from 9-5 like a doctor’s office, they typically open early and stay open late. Some are even open 24 hours a day! No need to rush during your lunch break, just stop on your way to or from work.

No Appointment Required

Doctor’s offices require an appointment to get a flu vaccine. That means you have to make it to the appointment on time, wait to get into a room, then get the vaccine. Urgent care centers make it much easier by giving vaccines with no appointment necessary! Walk-in anytime the urgent care center is open. Patients are seen in the order they arrive, so you’ll never have to wait long.

Expert Medical Care at a Low Cost

The final perk of urgent care centers are the affordable prices. Most insurance plans cover the cost of a flu vaccine in full, but urgent care centers also offer low flat rates for patients who pay out of pocket for their vaccine. You’ll receive the same quality of care you would at a doctor’s office or emergency room at a fraction of the cost! Urgent care facilities are clean, updated, and have everything they need to treat patients safely.

Contact your local urgent care center today to get more details on their hours of operation, accepted insurance companies, and available vaccines. You can walk-in during their open hours to get any additional questions answered and leave with your 2022 flu vaccine. Most urgent care centers are also offering covid-19 vaccine boosters and testing!


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