Seasonal Allergy Prevention Spring 2022

June 12, 2022

Spring comes with blooming flowers, a beautiful environment, and seasonal allergies that become widespread as the weather heats up. If you are one of the few that experience seasonal allergies, you already know that it is the season of constant sneezing, running nose, nasal congestion, and other burdensome symptoms.

Allergy doesn’t just occur; it is triggered by some of the culprits being pollen grain, ragweed, and grasses. These seasonal inconveniences leave many miserable if not dreading the spring period. But have you ever thought about ways to cope and overcome seasonal allergies?

Well, if you are serious about preventing your seasonal allergy, you should dive in!

Simple Practice for Preventing Allergies

Regular handwashing

It shouldn’t be a surprise that hygiene plays a vital role. Remember, triggers like pollen grains easily get attached to your skin. Eventually, it becomes a problem when you touch your mouth, eyes, and nose as this trigger your allergy since these are sensitive places that can trigger your allergy.

Proper handwashing at appropriate times reduces your exposure to triggers. Besides, when you have allergies, you tend to touch your face more, which can easily get transient bacteria into sensitive entries like the nose and mouth. Eventually, it can lead to the body getting more infections in addition to allergies.

Minimize your exposure to Triggers

Reducing exposure to triggers is the apex instruction in allergy prevention. It’s simple logic – when you have no trigger, there is no allergy. Going that extra mile to prevent exposure will surely pay off. There are times when the pollen count in the atmosphere is high; you can take a proactive step by taking your allergy medication before the symptoms start.

Also, you should also avoid activities such as gardening shores that will increase your exposure to pollen. Since pollen easily gets attached to the skin and cloth, removing them after being outside and enjoying a good shower to rinse the pollen off your skin would be wise.

  • Ensure that your indoor air is clean

No special product will eliminate pollen from the air in your home; however, certain precautions can be taken to reduce pollens in the air. Surprisingly, air conditioning, whether central or window units, effectively minimizes pollen. They filter air, and by doing so, they supply you with clean air.

You can also use portable high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter with your air conditioning and vacuum cleaner. The goal is to ensure that everywhere is allergen-free.

Allergies seasons are unavoidable, but you can prevent exposure to triggers. If you eventually experience allergy symptoms, you try some home remedies. However, if the symptoms still persist, you can visit the nearest urgent care center for treatment.

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