Easy Ways to Reduce Those Spring Time Sniffles

April 18, 2017

after hours urgent careSpring is in full swing, and for many that includes spring allergies. With the mix of gorgeous flowers in bloom and green grass sprouting everywhere, right now seems to be the season of sniffling. So, to combat those allergy struggles, follow these unique tips.

Give your bedding a bath in hot water
Your comforter and sheets collect a lot of dust and allergens, especially when you keep the windows open. Make it a habit to thoroughly wash your bedding in hot water at least once a month.

Don't hang your clothes to dry outside
While it may be tempting to use the fresh air to dry your clothes, the pollen and dust will linger for days! You'll be sniffling for no reason, and your clothes will be to blame!

Stay away from specific foods
This goes for those who have allergies to specific tree pollen. You should stay away from fruit like apples, pears, and peaches as they can cause a "cross-reaction" since they can contain different strains of the pollen, worsening your allergies.

Flush your nose
Get those allergens out of your body by using either a saline spray or a neti pot to flush your sinuses. While it may not offer much long-term protection, you'll feel better almost instantly.

Keep track of the pollen count
Not every day is created the same when it comes to pollen floating around. So make sure to check the pollen count in your specific area and you'll know what day you should stay inside with the windows closed.

Try essential oils
Essential oils are a great holistic approach and can provide a home remedy for sniffles. Some oils to try include lavender, lemon, eucalyptus, and basil. All you need to do is apply to your pressure points and breathe deeply!

Contact your doctor
If your allergies are persistent, make sure to contact your doctor or visit an after hours urgent care center. Walk in health clinics are great options for family quick care, as you won't have to wait to get an appointment at your doctor's office to get medication. So next time you're sniffling, don't hesitate to head right over to your nearest neighborhood health clinic for instant relief!

Urgent care facilities are always there for patients who need help during the off hours of the day. And considering that the average wait time in the emergency room can be about an hour, make sure to contact our after hours urgent care clinic today to get the relief you need!

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